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✎ EN Setting up a business in Portugal

Discussion in 'Portugal' started by Adreamer, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Adreamer

    Adreamer New Member

    Feb 18, 2016
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    Hello all.

    This is the follow up to a post i made in the Departure Section, a while ago.
    At the time, I called out for others who were 1) looking to move to a better climate, and 2) thinking about setting up a business to generate an income.
    Since then, I have been contacted by a couple and we have debated both destination countries, as well as possible sources of income.

    We have landed on Portugal, specifically the Algarve region, as the most likely destination for us. As for business, we’re thinking of starting with a “safer bet” from the projects evaluated. So in the end, we’re researching, and budgeting for, purchasing a small hotel.

    Possibly not the most original idea, but we believe we have a number of “added value” ideas that will make it more interesting.

    Apart from the usual hurdles, our major challenge is the fact that our time frames are not 100% in alignment. Another, smaller, challenge it that decision making, when we disagree, can be more difficult with only 2 parties.

    We have decided to reach out to the expat forums, once more. We’re looking for one, or two, more partners to discuss opportunities with.
    If this sounds like you, please PM* me:

    • You’re already living in Portugal, or have decided to move there in 2016
    • You are honest and not afraid to work hard, when needed
    • You have a bit of capital to invest
    Preferably you will have skill / experience we can use, as well.

    We’ll be insisting that all participants be represented by a lawyer, before any agreements are signed, for everybody’s economic safety.

    Please note that although you can be careful about what information you divulge about yourself to begin with, we expect you to make a summary of your skills / experience, and your thoughts about entering into such a venture.

    We also understand that most people will be skeptical about this, but talking can’t possibly hurt.


    * Re. contacting me.
    Moderator CyrilExpat wrote:
    "However new members can also leave a post asking our team to share their email address with you and we will do so if necessary."
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