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⌸ EN Magazine Qatar Football World Cup: An Update

Discussion in 'Qatar' started by KashGo, Mar 8, 2022.

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    It feels like we've experienced a massive paradigm shift in almost every part of our lives over the last few months. From the archaic and bizarre concept of waging actual war in this day and age to the increase in recent climate disasters, it almost feels like nothing is certain anymore and that we should be prepared for anything.

    The FIFA World Cup 2022 has also not been spared as we've just seen the Russian football team excluded from the 2022 tournament. This happened because some countries refused to participate with the Russian team thus forcing FIFA’s hand into removing them from the tournament. Ukraine’s participation in November may also be uncertain in light of the recent devastating developments.

    This dramatic turn of events– not forgetting the global Covid-19 upheaval– has distracted the mainstream conversation away from the controversy that surrounded FIFA when they first awarded the games to Qatar.

    So, if you do find yourself planning a trip to Qatar for the Football World Cup 2022 be sure to read further for a recap of events leading up to this major tournament and also to be updated on what to expect.

    More in our article: Qatar Football World Cup: an Update

    What do you think of the event? Are you looking forward to seeing it? Are you planning to visit the country? Are you concern with the huge controversy (from bribe accusations, to workers' conditions)? Share your comments below.
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