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✎ EN Obtaining Citizenship through ancestry

Discussion in 'Bulgaria' started by pilot777, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Apr 12, 2015
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    I hope someone will be able to help me out by giving me some information on this.
    My grandmother is part of the Bulgarian minority in Serbia (she was born in one of the areas that was ceded to Yugoslavia from Bulgaria after WW1) - her whole bloodline is Bulgarian.

    I was wondering if I am eligible for Bulgarian citizenship? My father never applied and only holds Serbian nationality - is it possible to skip a generation when I apply or will he have to obtain it first?

    Happy Easter!

    - Stefan

    Jul 23, 2021
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    EU Bulgarian Citizenship Application Requirements And Reviews

    Bulgaria is a country with a rich history and wonderful nature. It has seaside and ski resorts. The country is economic and has excellent environmental conditions. It boasts a rich and diverse culture and temperate climate. There are too many other attractive prospects which make people eager to Apply For Citizenship and acquire Bulgarian passport. Apart from it, the legislation also allows dual citizenship under which one gets great opportunities for doing business in two countries at once.

    Bulgaria is the ideal gateway into the European economy and its way of life. Bulgaria is diverse, culturally rich and perfectly placed for working and traveling in and around the continent. It is one of the youngest EU member states and an ideal location in South East Europe.

    Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and is eligible to grant its subjects full rights of EU citizens. These rights are:
    • Visa free entry to more than 130 countries.
    • Right to live and work in any country that is part of the alliance.
    • Flexible tax policy
    • High class Social Security and free healthcare in the EU.
    • Possibility of obtaining EU citizenship for the whole family
    • The right to purchase real estate in any European country
    There are various ways through which Citizenship Requirements can be fulfilled. The first one is naturalization. Second affordable way of obtaining citizenship is to buy debt obligations of the Republic of Bulgaria and another group of people who can apply for Citizenship Application Form are the spouses of Bulgarian citizens. However, the best method is the fourth method, i.e., Repatriation.

    The fastest way to Apply For Citizenship Online is the repatriation method under which your family tree is to be checked to get the presence of the ancestors of Bulgarian origin. Article 15 of The Bulgarian Citizenship Act provides that foreign nationals can acquire Bulgarian citizenship based on their Bulgarian descent. The foreign applicant has to provide proof that a direct relative is/was of Bulgarian nationality. The relative should be one of the grandparents, father or mother.

    So, if you have decided to become an EU citizen and want to attend to the freedom and EU values then get in touch with us asap.

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