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✎ EN Moving to Denmark (Copenhagen) or UAE? What salary?

Discussion in 'Copenhagen' started by raza990, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. raza990

    raza990 New Member

    Jan 14, 2016
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    Pakistani (PK)
    Ursa, English
    Hi Guys,

    Hope all of you are fine

    I need an advise in moving to Denmark (Copenhagen). Let me provide summary about my education and work. I've done 4 years of bachelor's in Telecommunication Engineering and I'm from Pakistan and do remote job for Danish company since last 2 years. Since 2 years, they are providing me 8,500 DKR/month which is quite good for in Pakistan and my responsibilities to setup and maintain IT systems hence I'm from IT industry.

    Now I got a job offer from UAE, and they are offering me 10,000 AED (2800$ approx.) with Medical, yearly ticket to home and Phone benefits. UAE is tax free zone, so I will get all money in my pocket and there will be expense of 3000 AED (900$ approx.) including shared room ,food and travel. so I can save upto 70% of my saving every month.

    When I resigned from danish company, then they offer me a re-location to Denmark on Work (Positive List) VISA and offer me 22,000DKR /month before tax with no benefits. From internet research I'm shocked to know about tax deduction but of course there will be government benefit if you pay tax - But because Denmark is too expensive so I can't save anything after normal living expense.

    I would like from you guys that please provide how much salary I can get in my pocket after tax deduction with individual tax percentage info and what will be my living expense to live Copenhagen if I live in shared apartment, with using public transport and making Asian food at home - rarely go out for cinema and restaurants like once in a month.

    I would also like if you can suggest me what should be good for me, as I'm going to be married after 3 years - I know 3 years is a long time but I have consider all things before moving to Denmark or UAE. The appraisal is usually come every 2-3 years .. So my salary will be increased after 2 years and I think might be it will 28,000 DKR (Just an idea - Not Sure) so do you think 28,000 DKR before tax would be good for couple with 2 rooms apartment.

    Would appreciate your kind responses.

    Thank You
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