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✎ EN Lawyer,help with will and estates

Discussion in 'Philippines' started by Jay c, Mar 15, 2023.

  1. Jay c

    Jay c New Member

    Mar 15, 2023
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    United Kingdom
    British (GB)
    Hi can someone please advise on the best steps to take, I reside in the uk and my late mother was in the phillipines before she passed away, she had a property there sold it and was due to come back but sadly passed.

    She lived in the uk for 46 years and was happily married to my dad. The thing is I was executor to her will and estate,but I'm unfortunately the siblings there step brother's/sister have takin it upon themselves to shut me and cut me out they have gained a judges decision to her estate as authorities over there do not know I exist.

    She had a bank account and they have accessed it even tho I am executor,is there a way I can appeal this and be reimbursed?
    Can anyone advise the best reputable lawyer that deals in this matter would be greatly appreciated.they even buried her over there and change her surname to theirs!

    I have her death certificate which I managed to obtain but can't seem to get anywhere with this or steps I need to take,thanks
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