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✎ EN France: Long-Stay Visa Help- please!

Discussion in 'Immigration France' started by sarah8, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. sarah8

    sarah8 Member

    Aug 24, 2006
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    Hi, I am a freelance writer, just out of college and moving to Paris early next month. I want to apply for a long-stay visa, but am having tons of problems. If anyone could answer these questions, I'd really, really appriciate it- thank you!

    * can one register and enroll in course for the au pair visa, then drop and be reimbursed upon recieving visa?
    * what happens if I travel to another eu country after my over-stay and then try to return?
    * what is the worst-case scenario if I overstay and am found out?
    *becasue I am doing freelance, my salary will be sporatic, so I do not have the 22,000 euro that they require- any way to side-step this?
    *if I overstay, will France be notified of my arrival in the US, and how long do I need to wait before returing?
    * any suggestions (as you can tell, I need them!)
    I know these are alot of questions- thanks so much for your time!
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