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✎ EN Eea family permit

Discussion in 'Nigeria' started by Stephanie Iloba, May 5, 2019.

  1. Stephanie Iloba

    Stephanie Iloba New Member

    May 5, 2019
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    Nigerien (NG)
    Hello Everyone, I am a Nigerian with a 7 year old daughter and just got married in April 2019 to an EU citizen resident in the UK. I met my husband in December 2018,got engaged same month and he came over to Nigeria for both our registry and traditional ceremony. I wish to apply for an EEA family permit this May;we have our required documents ready to back up the application but my questions/doubts are as follows: 1.Apart from the online EEA family permit form I am to fill for both I and my daughter, are there extra forms like the VAF5 form that my husband is to fill alongside against my application? 2. Are I and my daughter to pay for the IHS health surcharge before going to the embassy for submission or it is to be paid for after we are given the permit? 3. Will a notarized consent letter from her biological father who is studying in the US plus his ID cards be enough to back up my daughter's application? 4. Though EU citizens do not have financial and accommodation requirements, my husband annual income is £16000 and he just secured a 2bedroom bungalow this May also to prepare against our coming over. Do we stand a chance?

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