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Discussion in 'Romania' started by EasyExpat, Apr 25, 2017.

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    You can download all articles of the BUCHAREST expat-guide in one single booklet, with a special layout, additional maps and photos for FREE.

    Do you have comments or personal information to communicate about the articles of the guide? Do you find that information are missing? Help us to build the knowledge database and share your experience by adding comments at the bottom of the online guide's articles on Bucharest.

    :arrow: [FR] Téléchargez le guide complet pour expatriés à Bucarest

    Vous pouvez télécharger GRATUITEMENT en un seul livret tous les articles du guide BUCAREST pour expatrié, avec un format spécifique, des cartes et des photos supplémentaires.

    Avez-vous des commentaires personnels ou des informations à apporter à cet article ? Pensez-vous que des informations manquent ? Aidez-nous à étendre notre base de données et partagez votre expérience et vos astuces en ajoutant vos commentaires en bas des articles du site de notre guide sur Bucarest.


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    Today Romania is the largest of the Balkan nations. It is a European country. The most popular cities of Romania by population are Bucharest and Lasi. In case a foreigner wants to stay in Romania for less than 90 days, then only a simple visa will be required.

    According to immigration legislation, if one intends to stay in the Republic of Romania for more than ninety days consecutively or if one wants to conduct business activities or work, then he or she must apply for a residence permit.

    Three major ways for obtaining a Romanian residence permit are starting a business in Romania, getting a qualified job there, or getting an education.

    Types of Romanian EU residence permit card - a temporary residence permit, a single residence permit, a residence permit for detachment purposes, EU blue card, and long-term residence permit. However, two basic types of residence permits are the temporary residence permit and the long term residence permit.

    Applying for Romanian residency is not that easy and straightforward. Therefore, an expert in the field of migration will be needed who can help you out throughout the process which can be complex and confusing. Citizensl is one of the perfect organizations that can help you in the submission of detailed paperwork and will ensure that everything is completed correctly and efficiently.
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