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⌸ EN Magazine Chaos after the French parliamentary elections

Discussion in 'France' started by Cyrilexpat, Jun 22, 2022.

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    While polls were expecting French president Macron to get close to a majority in the new parliament, with Le Pen's far-right party collecting about 35 lawmakers, this has been a terrible surprise for many: the presidential party is not even close to any majority with only 249 seats and the far-right is welcoming 90 lawmakers.

    The parliament seems completely blocked as there is no other party willing to join the Macron's troupes and such a minority government seems unlikely to be able to do anything. The left parties have recovered from their scores 5 years ago and are now the main opposition alliance in the Assembly with about 160 seats.

    Difficulties to understand everything about what has happened, especially with the complexity of the French politics? No worries we explain everything in our article: France: huge defeat for the newly re-elected president in parliament elections

    Do you understand better now? What is your opinion? What do you think will happen?
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