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☼ EN Services A few general rules to respect on the site/forums

Discussion in 'Websites, Help' started by EasyExpat, Jan 13, 2005.

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  1. EasyExpat

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    Hi everybody,

    I welcome all the new visitors.

    I would like to highlight that everyone should make a bit of effort to have all the forums easier to read. Therefore find below a list of a few advices that I am sure you will follow.

    1- Choose always very carefully the title of the new topic. By reading the title only, one must be able to understand the subject of the discussion... Therefore avoid "Urgent!", "Help me" or "A question".

    2- If your message is related to accommodation offers or searches, DO NOT USE the forums but instead go to the classifieds. Same thing for exchange of conversation, baby-sitting, teaching, furnitures or other classifieds between individuals. For jobs: use the job section for job offers or CV posted.
    3- Please do NOT post volunteer programs, in the forums. We have nothing against those offers, but there is a specific space dedicated in the Job offers/Voluntary jobs:

    4- Do not change the purpose of the initial discussion. If you want to talk about a different subject, please create a new topic... If not discussions become quickly un-understandable...

    5- If you get an answer to your question, say it! A post at the end of the topic to thank people who help will be welcome always. If you created the topic you can also edit your first message and change the title.

    6- Other rules to apply and things to know :
    • Do not advertise for your site :evil: , your services or your products, or a friend's website : your topic and your account would be removed without warning :mad: and you could be banned from accessing the forum in the future :silent:. You can submit your website in the directory if it is related to expatriation (a link exchange is mandatory). If you wish to advertise on Easy Expat, you will find our advertising conditions and prices here.
    • If you have a specific announcement (event, get-together, study, research, casting...) you can post it AND our moderators will evaluate whether it should be re-labelled as Announcement or Event. However if it is unappropriate or related to a Classifieds or paid advertising it might be removed and a message will be sent to you.
    • Used a proper language, avoid text message style.

    • If your website has got adult content, or racist, please do not put its URL in your profile and do not quote it in your discussions.
    • Your avatar/profile image should not give a message on religion or political ideas
    • Services of and are free, therefore you are fully responsible for their use and the information that you leave on the forum that are public.
    Moreover, I remind you that it is forbidden to insult people :mad:. This message will be immediately removed by moderators.:evil:

    7- Read again the general rules in the User's Charter at the top of the page.

    8- Read again the Privacy Policy regarding private data, and how we deal with it.

    Thanks to all for your behaviour :cool:

    Thanks also to all the moderators who are doing a great job. :thumbup:
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