The Importance of Good Translation Services to Expats

Published 2022-08-30 07:42:59

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For expats, translation can be a lifeline that helps them to integrate into their new home and develop their own ability to speak the local language.

Moving to a new country is a dream for many, and is one of the most exciting experiences a person can have. But certain languages are not as commonly studied as others, and not everyone has the benefit of being able to learn a language before moving to the country that speaks it. As such, translation services are very important in the lives of new immigrants, wherever they may be.

Professional translation and interpreters might be some of the services you need when you move to a new country and you need to deal with official documents or work contracts and rules.

Translation Services Singapore provides affordable translation, transcription, interpretation, and a variety of language services. In this post, we explore some of the areas where expats can benefit from language services like translation.

Establishing your new home

Finding a new home is fundamental to any expat succeeding in a new country. But to be able to navigate the real estate market, the translation of websites and documents is often needed. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, there is lots of paperwork to contend with. You may require the translation of your personal documents, as well as property-specific text like:

  • Home appraisals
  • Contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Mortgage surveys
  • Property management documents
  • Housing deeds

You may also wish to hire professional translation services to assist with written communications between yourself and your solicitors or real estate agents, or you may need an interpreter for telephone or face-to-face meetings. These are all services we can provide if needed.

Dealing with official documents

Official documentation becomes a part of our lives from the moment we come into this world. Other important changes, like education or marriage, are marked with more official documents. When we move abroad, some of these documents may lose their authenticity if they are not translated into the local language. This varies from one country to the next, but you may need translation services for the following:

  • Educations documents like transcripts and diplomas
  • Certificates of birth, marriage and divorce
  • Medical records
  • Criminal record checks
  • Your driver's licence

As well as understanding which of your documents will need to be translated, you should familiarise yourself with the rules for official translations in your destination country. Many countries will require specialist accreditation for official document translations. For example, in Australia, translators are required to have National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) accreditation in order to undertake official document translation work. We have all of these certifications and can provide the high-quality service you require.

Understanding the rules

You need to understand the local rules and regulations for things like renting and home ownership in your destination country. For example, in the some countries, non-nationals are subject to several restrictions. It may be that non-citizens who do not have a resident permit for the country in question do not have permission to purchase property there and cannot live in rent-controlled homes offered by the municipalities.

Rules like this are commonplace around the world. You may need language services to help you familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations of a specific country, and you can contact us for help.

Expats and the world of work

Unless you are moving in retirement, you will likely need to work in your new country. This may require translation for your educational documents and your resume. If you plan to start your own business, there will be many complications to navigate no matter what country you are in. Things like renting premises and hiring employees, or understanding your tax requirements, will all be much easier with the help of experienced translators.

What's more, once you have set up your business, you may need to ensure your website, social media and marketing content are all localised to the highest standards. Failure to do this could harm your credibility among the locals. Localisation is usually underestimated by many foreigners to their detriment in the country.

Expat life is improved with translation services

The intricacies and complexities of a new country's systems can be difficult to navigate, and translation can be a lifeline to make the experience smoother. Naturally, you are encouraged to learn the native language when you move, but this takes time and translation can help bridge the gap.

Are you an expat seeking a trustworthy translation agency in the country you are in? Whatever you need translated, our team of expert translators has your back. Contact us today to chat about your needs and get a free, no-obligation quote.

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