TV & Internet in New York City


TV Service in New York City

An ever-increasing portion of the population no longer watch traditional TV, but rely on SVOD (subscription video-on-demand) and services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime.

There are three main types of VOD models you can adapt: SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD.

  • SVOD is a video on demand service that allows users to access an entire library of videos for a small recurring fee. SVOD examples are: Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.
  • TVOD is a VOD service that allows you to buy content on a pay-per-view basis. TVOD examples are: Google Play and iTunes.
  • AVOD stands for ad-based video on demand. This type of service refers to ad-based video on demand that is free to its consumers. AVOD examples are: include YouTube and 4OD

Cable and Satellite TV

Whether to purchase cable or satellite TV is a common question as there are benefits and costs. Most cable companies include local franchise fees along with local broadcasting fees on your monthly bill which can make it more expensive. Digital cable prices vary starting around $50 per month, but depending on the package you choose, it can go as high as $80 per month.

Satellite packages usually offer better deals based on how much money is spent per channel. Satellite usually starts also at $50 a month, but can go much higher as well. Pricing also may be higher per month unless committing to twelve months of programming up front.

Most Satellite TV systems can support over 250 channels of programming. The downside is that fewer local channels are offered.

Digital cable can support over 300 channels and has more local channels available in most major cities. Most cable companies now offer Video on Demand (a library of movies and TV shows that you can order at your leisure). HDTV services are becoming more popular amongst cable companies now and not just thru satellite TV as in the past.

Traditional TV services are bundled with internet, landline, etc.

Cable TV

Most popular operators providing Cable TV in NYC are:

Satellite TV

Most popular operators providing satellite TV in NYC are:

Radio Stations in New York

This list includes the top radio stations in New York City.

See the complete list and listen to all New York radio stations online on


There are many different options for accessing the Internet from your home. Common methods of Internet access by users include:

  • Dial-up with a computer modem via a telephone line (becoming uncommon and very slow)
  • Broadband over designated cables
  • Wireless connections using Wi-Fi, satellite and mobile phone technology.

The option you choose can depend on cost, connection speed, quality of connection and whether a service is available in your area.


There are a wide variety of Internet service providers in the market, each using different technologies and offering different services to users.

The majority of providers offer service packages that, in addition to an Internet connection, also include a phone line and interactive TV (cable or satellite). The speed and price of the Internet connection depends on the infrastructure available at your address.

The price of a router is included in the contract, however you can choose to buy your own.

Popular Internet Services:

WiFi in New York City and Internet cafés

WiFi is offered for free at various hotspots, whether they are parks and public spaces, subways, tour buses and attractions or other free Wi-Fi points. Click on each of the public spaces described to see a complete list of places where to enjoy free and safe wifi.

FourSquare social platform also offers a complete list of public places in New York with free internet connexion and Internet Cafés.

Update 13/02/2020


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