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Healthcare is expensive in the States. Without insurance, even regular visits can be costly. Also note that it is impossible to enter the country without health insurance.

Generally, your health insurance covers a portion of any medical bills or prescriptions with you paying the difference. Employers often supply health insurance for full-time employees, but costs often exceed what health insurance covers.

The best medical insurance is typically available through the employer and thus the available services depend on the deal each particular employer has made with the insurance company of their choice. The standard services include coverage of patient contributions for family doctor and specialist visits, as well as hospital stays and ambulatory care. Also costs for vaccinations and rehabilitation services are included in the basic packages. Additional services usually include reimbursement for medicines, dental care and optician services.

You can always purchase further coverage for pregnancy, children, home care, fitness, etc.

Health Insurance Options in New York City

According to the New York Department of Financial Services, residents can get coverage through several options:


  • From your employer
  • Through your spouse's employer
  • Through COBRA

Individual or family plans

  • Through New York's health care marketplace
  • Directly from a health insurance company


  • Medicare: offers care to people over the age of 65.
  • Medicaid: For residents who cannot afford medical coverage.

Check into plans carefully to be clear on exactly what you are covered for and what kinds of co-pays are expected.

The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) was created by New York State legislation in 1970 as a public benefit corporation. This institution serves more than 1.5 million patients, including more than 500 thousand uninsured city residents and services interpreted in more than 190 languages.

This group oversees the City's public health care system in all five boroughs. This system is comprised of 11 hospitals, 6 Diagnostic and Treatment Centres, 4 long-term care facilities, a certified home health care agency, and more than 80 community health clinics, including Community Centres and Child Health Clinic.

HHC facilities treat nearly one-fifth of all general hospital discharges and more than one third of emergency room and hospital-based clinic visits in New York City. This is the largest municipal hospital and health care system in the country.

In addition, New York Free Clinics offer no or low cost care for clients without insurance or low-income.

Public Health Insurance for NYC

There are free clinics in NYC available to those with no insurance or low-income, but there is usually a long wait to be seen and extra paperwork to be filled out. Nevertheless, the New York Free Clinic is an excellent facility that provides no cost health care services including specialty referrals, counselling, patient education, social services, and screening and registration for public health insurance.

Private Medical Insurance in New York
Many plans are offered through companies for their employees and usually offer the best coverage with automatic deductions being made out of their paycheck. The arrangements vary from one company to another, but most companies have agreements with hospitals, which means the company will pay the hospital directly, although you may be subject to additional costs.  
If the company you are employed with does not offer this program, an insurance can be purchased independently from a number of providers.
Major Health Insurance Companies in NYC:

The most popular and recommended USA Health Insurance companies working in NY are:

Health Insurance for Expats in NYC

Basic health insurance in the US is not designed for expatriates who, for example, may want medical care in their home country or access to many facilities. Therefore, many expatriates find it advantageous to take an expatriate health insurance. Costs depend on age, where you live and which countries you want to be covered for.

Travel insurance is a good option ONLY if you are planning on just visiting another country for a short stay. It ensures the safety and worry-free nature of your trip. Without appropriate travel insurance, you may be exposed to significant financial liability.

You will find more details in EasyExpat Travel Guide.

Update 13/02/2020


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