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The Healthcare System in Thailand

The healthcare system in Bangkok is developing through modernisation. Many doctors have been trained in the West, with Hospitals often offering excellent care and standards. Many doctors in Bangkok are fluent in English and provide first-rate care and services.

Consider the types of illnesses new expats in to Thailand may encounter and make some personal provision for ailments. Indigestion (upset stomach), sickness and diarrhea are common, but also consider heat exhaustion and sunburn. Traffic accident related injuries can also unfortunately be common, but would need the service of a hospital or clinic.

General Practitioner/Doctor in Thailand

Thai patients do not have a family doctor for minor ailments, medical check-ups, and referrals like in western countries. The general practice is to visit hospitals or private clinics if you require treatment for sore throats, flu and other general bugs. Therefore, when you choose a private clinic as your go-to place for health complaints, make sure to ask them if they have a general practitioner on the staff who will then be able to attend to any minor needs that you may have. Be aware that not all clinics offer this service.

Health care for foreign residents usually involves attending a doctor's office hour at a private clinic. The benefit of this is that an appointment is rarely needed. You should be able to attend your closest clinic and be seen by a doctor very quickly. For example, there is a primary care physician (Med Consult Clinic) in the Racquet Club Building on Sukhumvit Soi 49/9, which caters especially to British expats living in Bangkok.

If you would prefer to be seen at a hospital, doctor appointments can be made online as most of the hospitals have active and efficient websites. [Refer to the listed hospitals in Medical section]

The level of English spoken and the service you will receive tends to be very good. Payment is made by card or cash after the appointment. You will need to pay for the consultancy fee (this usually starts from around 500 baht at a clinic to 1000 baht at a hospital) and any medication you need.

These sites may be useful when trying to locate a doctor in Bangkok:

Dentist in Thailand

Thailand is often referred to as the Land of Smiles, and with good reason. Thailand is now regarded among the best countries that offer dental care in South East Asia. You can find the best dental practitioners of the country in Bangkok. Services range from routine check-ups to whitening to emergency care to orthodontics. Bangkok's clinics are well-equipped and professional. Don't worry about language barriers as most dentists and dental nurses will be able to speak English very well, even if their receptionists may not speak at as high a level.

If you are an expat living in Thailand for the first time, you are bound to be shocked at just how affordable the treatments offered by dentists in Bangkok can be compared to your home country. On average, costs will be about a quarter of what you paid in at home.

Private hospitals usually have dental departments, but check with your insurance company about coverage.

How to find a Dentist in Bangkok

Finding a reputable dentist in Thailand should be as easy as an online search, but many people feel more comfortable with a recommendation from another expat, friend, co-worker or contact. Ask around for recommendations. You may also try asking questions and sharing information on the Healthcare: Medical Treatment in Thailand forum.

Recommended Dental Clinics in Bangkok

  • Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) - Well-known for being the best in Thailand, the BIDC is one of the largest and most modern dental clinics in Bangkok many foreign patients.
  • Bumrungrad Hospital Dental Clinic - The hospital's dental clinic is clean and modern and offers high quality services and treatments. The dentists are trained in the West and fluent English is spoken.
  • Theptarin Dental Clinic - For those living in the higher Sukhumvit Road, Theptarin Hospital's dental clinic is recommended. Theptarin Hospital is clean, modern and quiet with the prices being more than affordable but more of staff will only speak Thai.
  • Rama 9 Hospital Dental Center - Rama 9 Avenue is near Bumrungrad Hospital and in the heart of the city as well and is open seven days a week from 8:00am until 8:00pm. They have a helpful and comprehensive website showing a wide list of dentists and treatments available.
  • Silom Dental Building - This is a seven-story dental clinic is located in Silom financial district, which means prices are slightly increased. This clinic offers both general and cosmetic dentistry.
  • Dental Design Clinic - In Asoke, this is perhaps more of a "designer" dentistry but they also offer general and surgical services. They recommended for teeth whitening. They also offer convenient payment plans if you opt for more expensive treatments.

There are many more dentists available to you in Bangkok. Ask around for more recommendations and locations.

Update 15/09/2013


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