Hotels and Bed and Breakfast in Colombo


Being a tourist-friendly country, Sri Lanka is full of hotels and B &B options to suit every budget and desire.

Hotels in Sri Lanka

There is a tourism boom with new accommodations going up all the time. To find the hotel that would suit your needs, you can look at the star-ratings given to the hotels, starting from the no-frills budget hotels with basic accommodation, the three-star ones with stepped-up facilities or the five or seven-star luxury hotels/resorts.

Most hotels in Sri Lanka offer free Wi-Fi, parking, and breakfast. Other in-house facilities (laundry, room service) would be available on payment.

Use our recommended service partners below to find accommodation.

B &B in Sri Lanka

For staying at a B &B, there are several choices. Prices vary but many of the B &B's offer to 'price-match' to your requirements. Browse through:

Update 22/07/2018


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