Finding Accommodation, Flatsharing, Hostels in Colombo


Preparing to search for Accommodation in Sri Lanka

Every individual settling in a foreign land would have different needs and perceptions as to what would be the best-suited accommodation for him/her. Then, again, one would have to adjust and accommodate with what is available in that country's housing market.

For example, one might be looking for a set of rooms near to your work location; or, it could be that you have a family and want a small bungalow with a garden where your children can play. Once you have your requirements worked out, you can look at the available options.

Flat-sharing in Sri Lanka

Sharing a flat or other kind of accommodation can cut down the cost of living expenses as rent would now be shared. These kinds of options are available in Sri Lanka. Many expats put up their advertisements on Expat forums and classifieds, announcing that they are looking for a flat-mate. They also use Facebook to put up their advertisements.

Hostels in Sri Lanka

Another cheap option for visiting or living until you find a permanent place are Sri Lankan hostels. They are safe and friendly, often with pleasant company. It is good value for money and a boon for students, short-term working professionals and back-packers.

Some hostels are run by families and this gives it a homey touch and the option of local food. Others offer locations right on the beach perfect for the surfing set. And some hostels are party central.

Idyllic hostels start at just $8 a night.

Use our recommended service partners below to find accommodation.

Update 22/07/2018


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