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TVNorge (TVNorway) is located in Oslo. Other popular channels, TV2 (based in Bergen) and TV3 (based in London) operate branch offices in central Oslo.


Cable TV can be accessed via cable if the system has been laid in the roadway or apartment complex. This system provides local cable TV channels.

    There are several possible issues:
  • Must use whichever cable company provides the service in the area or apartment complex.
  • Have to have a cable box (decoder) by your TV to get more than the basic 15 channels.
  • Basic installation only allows for one outlet point in the house. To have cable on other TVs requires extra cable boxes and extra wiring around the house, or a wireless system (which are distance limited).
  • Must sign-up for a minimum of 12 months or pay an extra premium.

CanalDigital is a common provider. Billing is monthly and is payable over the internet.


Norwegian satellite TV can be accessed via a dish on the outside of your house. This system provides local TV channels.

Local Norwegian satellite offers a few English-speaking program with Norwegian or Danish subtitles. This includes the Travel Channel, CNN, and National Geographic.

    There are several possible issues:
  • Outdoor dish may be difficult to mount facing the right section of the sky. Some apartment complexes will not allow dishes to be mounted on their structure.
  • You have to have a satellite box by your TV.
  • The basic installation only allows for one outlet point in the house. To have cable on other TVs requires extra wiring around the house, a wireless system (which are distance limited), or additional satellite boxes.
  • If you do not have a three year credit history in Norway, you have to pay for the entire year's subscription up front and go to their offices to sign a contract, in person.


Norwegian TV can be accessed via an antenna on the outside of the home. This system provides a similar package to basic cable TV channels.

    There are several possible issues:
  • Antenna is mounted outside. Some apartment complexes will not allow anything to be mounted on their structure.
  • Must have a receiver box by your TV.
  • The basic installation only allows for one receiver in the house. Extra receivers are available at 70% of the main package price. Each one requires a cable link to the antenna.

Billing is usually monthly with a set-up fee (etableringsavgift) and an access card (kortavgift) payable every six months. Additional film or sports packages may be purchased.

The largest provider is RiksTV. The Customer Service (Kundesenter) can be reached by calling 09595 and pressing "2" to speak to someone in English.



Internet can be accessed via the cable company if you have Norwegian cable TV. This is a broadband service with a range of connection speeds.

GET is a common provider. To get the service, users must subscribe to a minimum of the basic TV package. The cable modem is generally free. Must sign up for a minimum of a 12 month contract, or pay a fee. To sign up you must provide basic personal information such as name and date of birth.

Another provider is Hesbynett. The cable modem costs an additional fee. Packages named after Norwegian Mythology (Thor = 3.0 Mbps; Valhall = 6 Mbps). Must sign a 12 month contract or pay a penalty.

ADSL Internet via Telephone Line

Internet can be accessed via your telephone line through a process called ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line). This is a broadband service which allows internet access and up to two telephone lines at once. It is provided by the telephone company. ADSL provides download speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 16Mbps. This is ten to one hundred times faster than dial-up connection. After applying for an ADSL service, you just have to then wait for the provider to arrange a day for them to come to your house to connect you and we come and set up your modem

Common providers are Telenor and Hesbynett. They can also provide you with a Norwegian telephone number and internet phone service. If you choose not to have a phone number with them, there is an additional small monthly charge.


  • ADSL Wireless Modems : 352 - 1600 NOK/month
  • Wireless Routers : 499 - 3000 NOK
  • VoIP phone adapter : 699 NOK


Miller Tech
Tel: +47 5121 4151

Telenor : 05000 or +47 223 05000 and then press # to get through. Lyse : +47 5190 8090 Netcom : 05050 or +47 924 05050 Hesbynett : +47 5153 2053


To connect wirelessly to the internet, you must purchase a wireless router.

Internet via cable and fiber optic cable is provided with a hard-wired modem only, which is connected to the incoming cable. This needs to then be connected to a wireless router, which can send a signal to all the computers in the vicinity. Internet via the telephone line (ADSL) usually comes as standard with a modem which can be configured to be wireless.

A wireless router should always have a security code or encryption key, (sometimes called a WEP Key) which prevents anyone else using your internet or accessing your computers. When you use a laptop or wireless-ready PCs in your house, it will ask for this WEP Key or a password.

Internet Cafes

In big cities, wifi can be located at some coffee shops, hotels, internet cafes, and even some public parks. There are many internet cafes located in the eastern section of Oslo, near Granland. Examples of places with wifi, free use of computers, or internet cafes:
Small shops which sell telephone cards also usually have internet terminals.
On the third floor of S Station, there is one of the largest Internet cafe.
Many 7-eleven shops have terminals for a fee
At Deichmanske Bibliotek (library) you can use a terminal for free up to 30 minutes.
Byraakrat, QBA (Grafanerlafakka), and Cafe Tiger have free wireless internet.

Update 16/08/2010


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