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Norway's movie scene began with the 1951 documentary film of the Kon-Tiki expedition. Since then, the Norwegian cinema has been receiving international recognition. In late 2008, the movie Max Manus told the story of a WW2 drama and a Norwegian resistance hero. The movie became the highest grossing Norwegian movie ever.

Oslo International Film Festival has grown into an internationally recognized event. It featuring some of the best films of the year, both local and international.

Oslo Cinemas

Cinemateket shows both Norwegian and international films. The theatre is located within the Norwegian Film Institute and has usually two screenings in each of Filmens Hus' two cinema screens. There are also showings of old and new classics and other rare art films.
Address: PB 482 Sentrum, N-0105 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 474 500

Oslo Municipal Cinemas
Oslo Municipal Cinemas operates 8 cinema theaters in various parts of Oslo with a total of 30 screens. Both International as well as Norwegian films are screened here. International films generally have Norwegian sub-titles, but Norwegian films do not.
Tel: +47 99 432 000, +47 82 050 001

  • Colosseum: Fr. Nansens vei 6, Majorstua, Oslo
  • Eldorado kino: 8 Hammersborg torg, 0179, Oslo
  • Felix kino: 1 Bogstadveien, 0354 Oslo
  • Gimle kino: 39 Bygdafay Allafa, 0265 Oslo
  • Klingenberg kino: 1 Olav V's gate, 0161 Oslo
  • Saga kino: 4 Olav Vs gate, 0161 Oslo
  • Vika kino: Ruselafaâkkveien 14 (v. Konserthuset), Oslo

Panasonic IMAX
This is Oslo's only IMAX theater. The screen is 382 m2 in width and 16 mtrs high. It has a six channel digital surround sound system and uses the latest IMAX and IMAX 3D technology to showcase it films.
Address: 27 Hegdehaugsveien, Aker Brygge, 0350 Oslo

Kongene Haugen: Outdoor Cinema
The Kongene pafa Haugen displays outdoor movie screens related to the Kongene pafa Haugen Music festival which is arranged every year during summer time.
Address: Postbox 2649, St.Hanshaugen, 0131 Oslo
Tel: +47 92 246 426, +47 93 286 658


As previously stated, drinking out in Oslo is expensive! Nevertheless, people everywhere want to have a good time and the city offers a range of drinking and dancing establishments to choose from.

Many cafes and daytime bars transform around 21:00. An age limit of 18, 20 or 25 may be enforced, drinks are served, and DJ's spin. At the appointed hour, a cover-charge may be required.

Most of these establishments will remain until around 3 am, but this may cause a rush during closing. If you need a taxi, try to call ahead or leave shortly before this time.

Bars and nightclubs in Norway are smoke-free indoors, but usually have an outdoor hour for smoking.

A brief listing of bars and nightclubs within Oslo:

Mona Lisa
Grensen 10, Tel: 2234 0230
Offers live music and even belly dancers. There is a menu featuring Norwegian, French and Italian styles.

Beer Palace
Holmens Gate 3 (afaker Brygge)
Popular pub with Norwegian and foreign beers.

Excellent bar with an active event calendar. There is a variety of international and Norwegian bands and DJs. Within an old factory, tagged with graffiti.

Arbeidergata 2, Tel: +47-22416266
Transaltaed as "the Bohemian", this is actually the best place to watch football/soccer.

Cafe Sara
Corner of Torggata and Hausmanns gate. Bus 34-54 to Jacobs kirke.
Beer and Turkish and Mexican dishes are offered here. Great outdoor seating.

Choice Pub
Grafanlandsleiret, T-Grafanland.
A rowdy bar with very cheap beer.

Youngstorget 6
Outstanding collection of akevitt, a Scandinavian potato spirit.

Grensen 9. Tram 11-17-18 or bus 37-46-70 to Stortorvet, T-bane Stortinget.
A rock club with outdoor seating. Cheaper beer prices before 19:00.

Gloria Flames
Grafanland 18
Rock/indie pub offering cocktails. Outdoor seating area, open until midnight. Very cheap beer on weekday nights before midnight.

Last Train
Karl Johans Gate 45 (entrance Universitetsgaten)
Easily overlooked, this is one of the longest lasting music pubs in Norway.

Lekter'n Lounge
Stranden 3, 0250 Oslo. Tel: 22 83 00 60
A pleasant waterside cafe, Lekter'n turns into a trendy lounge with room for 500 later at night. On Friday and Saturday night DJs, large sails, heating lamps and creative lighting transform the space.

Plafaens gate. Tram 11-12-13-17 or bus 30-31-34-54 to Kirkeristen/Nygata/Brugata
Indie music club with frequent concerts.

This club sits on the eastern edge of Mafallergata and has a very hipster scene.

Mariboes gate 7b
Tiny bar serving some of the best drinks in town. The bartenders are responsible for the music which ranges from jazz to rock to gangsta-rap.

Teddy's Soft Bar
Brugata 3A. Tram 11-12-13-17 or bus 30-31-34-54 to Brugata, T-bane to Grafanland.
This is the only bar in Oslo that's protected by cultural authorities. Since 1958 it has been rocking a '50s style with beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and various coffee drinks. Teddy's actually is responsible for bringing milkshakes to Norway, but unfortunately no longer serves them. Music provided by an original Wurlitzer jukebox with mostly '50s and '60s hits.

Hausmannsgt. 29. Bus 34-54 to Jacobs kirke
Rock bar with a backyard shared with Cafe Sara. The club also has a stage, and on weekends works as a rock disco.

Vogts gate, Torshov. Tram 11-12-13 to Biermanns gate, then continue for 300 meters
Stylish dive bar with fairly cheap beer.

Update 17/08/2010


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