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Rental prices are very high in Mozambique, and there are very few laws in place to protect renters from rent increases.

  • 1-bedroom unfurnished apartment in the city center: approximately USD 1400/month
  • 1-bedroom unfurnished apartment outside the city center: approximately USD 700/month
  • 3-bedroom unfurnished house in the city center: approximately USD 3300/month
  • 3-bedroom unfurnished house outside the city center: approximately USD 1700/month

Rental Market in Mozambique

Renting in Mozambique can be extremely difficult. Overall, the city suffers from a shortage of adequate long-term housing - particularly housing that meets expat standards. Short-term vacation rentals are much easier to find.

How to Search for a Rental


Searching for rentals online in advance is possible - though it is wise to investigate the property in person before signing a lease. Consider renting a short-term vacation rental online first, before committing to a longer-term lease.

There are a number of websites online that advertise Maputo rental properties. Some of the most used are:

Another great online resource is the Mozambique classifieds on EasyExpat. You can also chat with other expats on the Mozambique forum or network and receive advice.


O Noticias has a classified section in their print-version that advertises rental properties. The classifieds posted online are extremely out of date.

Public Postings

The most common way to find a rental is through personal networks and public postings. Keep an eye out for fliers at popular expat hangouts in Maputo - and be sure to ask around. Word of mouth can take renters a very long way.

Rental Agents in Mozambique

Rental agents are unregulated in Mozambique and can charge quite high commissions. They are not often used. If you are going this route, be sure to clarify expectations at the onset with both the agent and the renter. 

Visit the Apartment

Visiting the apartment is a very important step in securing a rental. It is extremely important that during this period, you clarify exactly what will be included in your rent (including items in the apartment).

Important things to look out for are:

  • Building security and parking lot security
  • The quality of the infrastructure (window screens, front door locks)
  • The water source and the reliability of it
  • The presence of bugs (cockroaches, mosquitos)
  • The electricity source (ensure it is a legal connection)
  • Washing facilities
  • Any outstanding bills with local service providers

You might also consider visiting the property at different times of the day, to get a feel for the neighbourhood more broadly.

Rental Contracts in Mozambique

It is essential that you negotiate a clear and detailed contract with your prospective landlord. Generally, there are few laws protecting renters in Mozambique. Be extremely clear with your landlord when negotiating your lease, and be extremely careful about what you sign.

 Key elements to cover include:

  • Your deposit. In Mozambique, it is standard to pay a three-month deposit that includes your first month's rent. Be meticulous about what allows your landlord to withhold your deposit.
  • Late rental payments. How many days do you have before your monthly rental payment is considered late and subject ot penalties?
  • Utilities. Who is responsible for paying for them?
  • Maintenance. Who is responsible for the different kinds of maintenance costs? What improvements are necessary before you move in?
  • Fixtures. What is included in your apartment?
  • Occupancy Restrictions. How many people can live in your new property (adults, children, pets and sub-letters).
  • Inspection Notice. How much time must the landlord give you if he/she wants to inspect your home?
  • Termination. What constitutes fair termination?
  • Lease Expiration. What happens after your first lease expires?


Laws and resources to protect the renter are very limited in Mozambique. Your contract should stipulate the minimum amount of notice you must provide to your landlord. Note that it may be expected that you find a replacement tenant, and that your landlord may be slow to return your down payment.

Update 15/06/2015


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