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If you’re an inexperienced young person with no professional diplomas, as anywhere, it will be hard finding a good job in Israel. In this case it’s important to capitalise on whatever work experience you may have. Wages will often depend on experience. Recruiters generally expect a working knowledge of Hebrew, though you might find jobs for which fluent English is more important. How best to find a potential employer will depend on your field. The Friday editions of the Maariv and Yediot newspapers have job advertisements; this is particularly valuable if you work in a hi-tech area. Many job agencies and recruiters have websites of course and an exhaustive list can be found at the end of this section.

When you’re selected for interview make sure you arrive having done your homework on the job and the company concerned. Prepare your questions in advance. At the start of your job search it’s best to accept all interviews since it will allow you to gain experience. Tell them precisely when you’d be available to start work. You’re very unlikely to be successful if you’re planning to be in Israel to start work more than three months from the interview date. Once you have given a date, stick to it, otherwise you risk reinforcing the stigma that new immigrants talk a lot and in the end don’t show up. Bear in mind that you may need time to adjust to life in Israel before beginning work so plan for this. For the interview it’s always best to dress on the conservative side, although Israeli’s are usually pretty relaxed about dress. Make sure you have copies of any relevant diplomas with you when you come for interview as well as any other printed material that may support your application. Israeli recruiters are big on recommendations, so try to bring written ones and have the contact details of previous employers who could give you a good recommendation on hand. When you start work you will be expected to have an Israeli ID card, which is called Teudat Zehut. Applications for a Teudat Zehut are usually made at the Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of Interior) closest to your place of residence.

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