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Many airlines now offer passengers the possibility of taking extra hold baggage with them when they fly, for an extra fee. How much baggage you can bring with you when you fly, as well as its weight, also depends on the type of ticket you buy. Shipping items abroad can be very costly so it’s worth considering these options when planning your trip or move. If you do decide that shipping your things separately is the best option the following websites can help you:

When shipping items make sure you have established the extent of the carrier's liability and take out any necessary extra insurance. Bear in mind that the first and last few days of the month tend to be the busiest times for moving, so try to avoid them. If your things are due to arrive on a national holiday it will create delays, so check this before finalising your booking (in the section Practical/Shopping there is a complete list of Greek Public Holidays).

If you’re packing your things yourself and you’re going to be away for an extended period give yourself plenty of time in advance to prepare. Plan how you’re going to pack, don’t just start randomly. An international move can be a good opportunity to get rid of unwanted or unneeded items – this will save you time and money when you come to ship your belongings. Make sure your boxes aren’t too heavy to lift and use proper packing boxes and strong tape to seal them. Label all your belongings with your name and a forwarding address. Clearly mark fragile items. Unpacking your boxes at the other end will be easier if you write their contents on them with a marker pen, or write messages to yourself like “open first”, “kitchen things” etc.

Update 31/12/2008

The Ultimate Family Moving Guide - RSS&

As any expat knows, the key to a successful move is all in the preparation. By readying yourself for any possible bumps in the road ahead of time, you can rest assured you’ll be prepared to handle anything moving throws at you.

Removal Services Scotland has put together ‘The Ultimate Family Moving Guide’ in partnership with - so whether you're a moving pro or a first timer, our handy guide can take the stress out of your next move to Greece.

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When you move internationally you are taking a big step. Lots of things are changing and you have a million things to think about and take care of. If you are able to select a top of the line moving company that moves for a modest price, it can take a big weight of your shoulders in busy times.

Our network of international removal companies can move your furniture & possessions to Greece and anywhere overseas.

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