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The television fee is mandatory and covers  analog and digital broadcasts over regular and cable TV.  Residents must notify FICORA, the Finnish Television Fee Administration by phone, e-mail, or by completing a form available at post offices or online.   FIORCA then sends invoices to collect the fees for the State Television and Radio Fund to be further used to finance the operations of the Finnish Broadcasting Company. The fee can be paid in three-month, six-month or twelve-month installments. It is also possible to pay for shorter periods, the shortest possible being one month.

Fees - June 2007
1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
€ 17.95 € 53.00 € 104.75 € 208.15

Note: You must contact the Finnish Television Fee Administration, and let them know about your television before you begin to use it!

The digital television network covers about 99.9 % of the population in Finland , so satellite TVIs not popular.  Channels and other services are gathered into so called "multiplexes", but more commonly referred to as "cable packages" or similar. The amount of "basic" channels available varies slightly in different parts of Finland .

Useful Addresses

Cable TV

Call your local operator for information on the packages available in your area. Few of the following sites have information in any language but Finnish. Many are actually the local telephone company, which also operates the TV service. In this case look for the Kaapeli-tv link, or similar. Hopefully a contact phone number is obvious; if not, look for Yhteystiedot (Company Information).

Etelä-Satakunnan Puhelin Oy     
Forssan Seudun Puhelin Oy
Welho (Helsinki Televisio Oy)
Hämeenlinna - Tietoa Aina Group
Iisalmen Puhelin Oy*
Kajaanin Puhelinosuuskunta
Kokkolan Puhelin Oy
Kotkan Tietoruutu Oy
KPY Kaapelitelevisio Oy*
Lohjan Puhelin Oy*
Lännen Puhelin Oy
Mikkelin Puhelin Oyj
Oulu-TV Oy*
Pietarsaaren Seudun Puhelin Oy
Pohjanmaan PPO Oy
Pohjois-Hämeen Puhelin Oy*
Päijät-Visio Oy
Riihimäen Puhelin Oy (Elisa)
Salon Seudun Puhelin Oy
Savonlinnan Puhelin Oy
Sonera Finland Oy
Tampereen Tietoverkko Oy
Teljän Mediat Oy
Turun Kaapelitelevisio Oy
Vaasan Läänin Puhelin Oy

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Satellite TV

If you're in an extremely isolated part of Finland and outside the digital network range (which covers 99.9% of the population), you'll quite possibly want satellite TV.

Satellite TV providers:

Canal Digital - Offers approximately 40 channels depending on package.(Mon-Fri: 8.00 - 20.00, Sat-Sun: 10.00 - 16.00)
Phone: (09) 542 642 42
Fax: (09) 542 642 70
Web site: (in Finnish only)
Address (weekdays 8.30 - 16.00)
Kutomotie 18 B, 00380 Helsinki
Postal address:
PL 2, 00381 Helsinki

Viasat - Offers approximately 33 channels depending on package.(Mon-Fri: 9.00 - 18.00)
Phone: (09) 4249 9999
Fax: (09) 4249 9900
Web site: (in Finnish only)
Postal address:
Viasat Finland/Asiakaspalvelu
PL 3000, 00002 Helsinki.

Netti-TV (Internet TV)  

Recently arrived on the Finnish scene is TV on demand over the Internet. "Netti-TV" offers three packages of programs from Finland 's MTV3 and SubTV channels. Shows are released a few hours after screening on television, stripped of advertisements, and after that they are available for viewing throughout the season. If you want the luxury of 'on-demand' TV you might go for Netti-TV! Please note that not ALL shows from these channels are available - the content is mostly domestic programming. So, if your Finnish isn't up to scratch this may not be for you.


Finland is one of the most "wired" countries in the world, with high-speed Internet access being standard at work and common in the home. Competition amongst ISP's is increasing and while subscriptions do not appear to be getting cheaper, access speeds are increasing for no additional charge (for existing as well as new clients). Unlike many countries there are usually no restrictions on network usage in Finland , so you can download an unlimited amount of data with no "excess" fees or reductions in connection speeds. Service is generally very reliable.

As of August 2005 the typical fee was €46 per month for 8 megabits per second (Mbps) download / 1 Mbps upload broadband ADSL connection.The list of ISP's below is not comprehensive as the market is growing rapidly and new providers appear often. At Finnish-language sites where the provided link does not take you directly to Internet services, look for "Laajakaista" or "Internet Palvelut".

Finnish Internet Service Providers (ISP's)

Elisa is Finland 's second biggest provider. (comprehensive info in English)

DNA (Finnet Ltd)
Finnet is a Finnish telecommunications group that offers its clients a full range of local and national voice, data and digital television services marketed under the DNA brand. (limited info in English)

TeliaSonera is the biggest service provider in Finland . (limited info in English)

Saunalahti (Jippii)
Saunalahti is the third biggest ISP in Finland . (Site in Finnish only)

Welho (HTV)
The biggest cable operator in Finland , as well as an ISP. (click "Laajakaista")

MTV-UUTISET is the biggest independent media company in Finland including TV channels and Internet services under MTV3 brand. (Site in Finnish only)

Netikka (Vaasa Telephone Company - VLP)
Netikka is a regional service provider. (Site in Finnish only)

FSP (Forssa Telephone Company)
FSP is a regional service provider. (Site in Finnish only)

OPOY (Oulu Telephone Company)
OPOY is a regional service provider. (Site in Finnish only - cookies required)

Suomi Communications Oy
Customer Service: 09 - 4342 1700
Skype: Suomicom

Update 27/11/2018


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TV listing for Finland accessible to all

I noticed that your TV section does not give any TV listings (what's on and when).

And there's a new website that gives all the programmes broadcast in Finland together with their original titles and languages. This is essential as most programmes there are foreign and subtitled. And this website is actually the only that gives programme information in foreign languages, so it is basically the ideal choice for expats in Finland:

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