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The Healthcare System in Cyprus

Healthcare in Cyprus is generally low-cost, but still modern and effective. Medical centers and hospitals in the southern, official state of Cyprus are generally better than hospitals in the poorer, Turkish-occupied northern section of the island,

Most doctors in Cypriot hospitals, like most Cypriot residents, range from competent to fluent in English, especially because a good percentage of them have trained abroad (many in the UK). Communication between expat patients and doctors is not usually a problem. Just in case, take a notepad with you to jot down responses for later translation, and repeat yourself until your symptoms are absolutely clear.

The healthcare system is divided into the public and private sector, but even private sector rates are usually reasonable.  Emergency medical treatment is free to both citizens and expats, and any EU citizen is eligible for free health insurance.

Cyprus' high quality of healthcare is reflected in the great health of its citizens. Life expectancies are very high, partly because the healthcare system emphasizes a lot of preventive medicine. Also, no vaccinations are required for incoming foreigners.

General Practitioner/Doctors in Cyprus

Like most western countries, it is common for Cypriots to have a family doctor or general practitioner that they visit for minor ailments and check-ups. Many of these doctors have been trained abroad, especially in the UK, so most GPs should have a good command of the English language, and are very highly skilled.

Public doctors in state hospitals may have longer waiting and don't take prior appointments, but they charge only around 3 euros per visit. Private doctors will charge more, but take appointments and can usually see patients sooner.

The following websites are good starting points for finding a doctor in Cyprus:

Dentists in Cyprus

Dentists in Cyprus are highly skilled and educated, and keep up with new techniques and technologies by frequently attending conventions and seminars abroad, and training abroad as well. Most dentists, as most doctors, speak English.

Cyprus is actually a popular country for dental procedures, because even cosmetic procedures can be less than 1/4th of the price patients would pay abroad and in other parts of Europe.

How to Find a Dentist in Nicosia

Refer to the Cyprus Dental Association to find some great dentists in your area, ask any locals or your GP for recommendations, or find a dentist on Cyprus' Know Your Doctor search engine.

Recommended Dental Clinics in Nicosia

  • Smalto Dental Clinic – This large, modern clinic is one of the top-rated in Nicosia and all of Cyprus, with great dentists on staff fluent in English.
  • Nicosia Dental Polyclinic – Patients consistently rank the polyclinic as one of the most professional dental clinics in the area, with friendly staff.
  • Nicosia Dental Clinic – Another large, modern dental clinic in the heart of Nicosia, which offers excellent dental care.
  • Adamantio Dental Center – This is a smaller dental clinic that still offers a high quality of dental care.
  • Dr. Tamassios Orthodontics – As the name implies, this dental clinic specializes in orthodontics for those who may need braces and the like.

Those are just some of the many professional and highly-rated dental clinics in Cyprus, so make sure to ask around when you relocate to the country and get recommendations from co-workers, new friends, and your GP

Update 1/02/2018


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Expatriate health insurance in Cyprus

With so much to deal with before leaving your home country, (taxes, moving house, paperwork etc.) the careful planning of your expatriation to Nicosia is an essential step. As far as healthcare is concerned, your local social security scheme won’t be accompanying you to your host country and, once abroad, you might be surprised by the care system you find in Cyprus So, before leaving, make sure you have appropriate cover!

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