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Rental Market in Nicosia

There are plenty of short-term and long-term rentals available in Nicosia, either furnished or unfurnished, for you to choose from. Short-term rentals will be cheaper in the winter off-season, when there is lower tourist demand for them.

Rental Prices in Nicosia

A one bedroom apartment in the city center will cost you around 400 Euros a month, while you will be able to find similar accommodation some distance outside the city center for around 300 Euros. However, most of the city center is very pedestrian-friendly, so it may be worth it to spend a little more on a centrally located rental to save the money and hassle of daily transportation.

If you are searching for a modern, luxury apartment or townhouse, it will run you around 700 to 800 Euros a month. If you prefer to rent a large house because you are moving with your family, this will cost around 1100 to 1400 Euros a month.

Generally, landlords require one month's rent as a deposit in addition to the first month's rent in advance when signing a rental contract. Long-term rental contracts are valid for one to two years with the possibility of renewal, and do not include utilities, while short-term rentals are generally leased for 6 months or less with utilities included in the rental price.

Popular Areas to Live Around Nicosia

There are many different areas to live around Nicosia so do take your time to explore each neighbourhood, and assess how it meets your own personal needs.

You should also take into account that Nicosia is the last divided capital in the world, separated by the Green Line, marked by barbed wire and guard towers along its length. The northern part of the city technically belongs to the unrecognized Turkish-held northern Cyprus, and the southern part of Nicosia is the capital of the official Greek-held state of Cyprus.

The distinction should be taken into account when looking into which part of the city to find accommodation in, as most expats prefer the officially recognized Greek-held Cypriot state, since it also holds the larger population (about 270,000 residents as opposed to 85,000 in the northern part of the city).

Popular areas of Nicosia include:

  • Laiki Geitonia -  Laiki Geitonia is a popular destination for tourists, but also a great neighborhood for expats in Cyprus. It's the Old City within the walled central city of Nicosia, and has scenic cobblestone streets along with plenty of restaurants lining its alleys. The neighborhood's walkability, culture and attached history make it a great choice for expats who wish to discover more of Cyprus.
  • City Centre – The modern city centre of Nicosia is attractive to many expats because it is the busy business and shopping center of the city. Rent prices in the area are slightly higher for that reason, but if you want access to a variety of businesses and shops, the city centre is the place to be.
  • Engomi – Engomi is a popular neighborhood with students, as the University of Nicosia is located within its borders. Expats like Engomi because of the area's diversity, as Eastern European, Arab, British, French and American students populate the area. Though Engomi is mostly residential, there are also cafes, bookstores and museums for the academic crowd.
  • Agioi Omologites – Agioi Omologites is a serene residential neighborhood located just a few minutes walking distance from Nicosia's city centre. If you want easy access to the center but a more laid back neighborhood, Agioi Omologites is a great choice.  You will also be quite close to Nicosia's English School.
  • Arasta – If you choose to live in the north side of the city, Arasta is a great neighborhood to consider. This pedestrian-friendly historic part of Nicosia has plenty of shopping and dining options, and is very close to the Green Line and the commercial center of Ledra Street, which divides the city.

How to Search for Rental Accommodation in Nicosia

Online Postings for Accommodation in Nicosia

There are plenty of websites to help you search for the perfect rental in Nicosia. Check out some of the following:

Newspaper Advertisements for Accommodation in Nicosia

Cypriot newspapers will often feature rental advertisements in English. Check out one of the country's most popular newspapers, The Cyprus Mail, which also has an online edition you can check out.

Networking for Accommodations in Nicosia

If you know of anyone in Nicosia, they may be able to help you find a rental through their acquaintances and word of mouth.

You can also network with other expats to get a sense of what areas of the city are best suitable for you, and in which neighborhoods you are likely to get a good value for your money. Check out the Cyprus classifieds on the EasyExpat Forums to find fellow expats in Cyprus.

If you are moving to Nicosia for work, ask your colleagues or companies if they have any recommendations when it comes to rentals.

Rental Agents in Cyprus

There are plenty of real estate agents in Cyprus to help you rent a home, most of which have their own specialization, such as Ledra Properties, which will help you locate an apartment in the inner walled city of Nicosia, and Nicosia Prime Homes. Shop around before finding an agent you feel comfortable with, and always do your own research to make sure you don't end up renting a property at a higher than normal price for the area.

Visit the Apartment

Many apartment buildings have an information office that is open during business hours (generally from 9:00 to 17:00). If you see a building of interest, inquire at the office about availability see if they will show you a space. If you don't speak Greek, bring a friend or advisor who does and ask questions about the price per month, contract length and amount of money required for deposit. Even though it is probable the apartment agents will speak English, it is always best to have a local with you when inquiring about renting a property.

When inspecting the apartment, it is important to check the same kinds of things as you would in any flat. Do all the windows and doors open and close properly? Are there any marks on the walls? Are the sockets/plug-ins conveniently located? What goods and furniture are included in the rental price?

Security in Nicosia Accommodations

Nicosia is generally a very safe city, due both to its small size and community feel, and also to the low crime rate in Cyprus in general. It is not unheard of to have break-ins, just like in any city, but simply use common sense with your accommodation and you should be fine.

Although neighborhoods in Nicosia are very safe during the daytime, and for the most part at night as well, check out your potential neighborhood before signing a contract. Perhaps visit the area at night and see if you feel comfortable walking the streets close to your potential apartment.

Lastly, especially if you are renting an apartment, it is a good idea to fully understand the security measures the building has in place. Is there a key code or access code to enter? Is there a doorman or security guard? Take note of what measures are in place, and what you need to feel comfortable in your home.

Accommodation Contracts in Nicosia

It is always sensible to have a written contract, so everyone is clear about their responsibilities. If you are living in a condominium building, determine who is responsible for the maintenance fees. It is very important to come to an agreement on maintenance costs, as repairing big things like a lift (elevator) can be very expensive!

Most utilities in long-term rentals in Nicosia are taken care of by the tenant, rather than the landlord, but for short-term rentals the utilities should be included in your rental price. Make sure this is the case before signing any contract.

Also, as in most places, the longer the duration of the contract you sign, the better a position you will be in to negotiate on price. Most landlords in Cyprus are open to negotiations, especially if the rental contract is for 12 months or more.

Giving Notice in Nicosia

The acceptable terms for giving notice should be specified in your rental contract, so double check how you can arrange to leave your accommodation, should it be necessary, before you sign. The average notice time most contracts specify is around a month prior to leaving the building.

Update 1/02/2018


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