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Languages in Cyprus

The official language of the Republic of Cyprus is Greek, and most written communications are in Standard Modern Greek. Greek is an independent part of the Indo-European language family, and it boasts an extensive vocabulary, as well as accent marks to denote the stressed vowel of a word.

Cypriots speak a Greek dialect known as Greek Cypriot, which is similar enough to Greek to be understood by expats from the country of Greece, but has some different pronunciations as well as some borrowed words, including some from Ancient Greek.

English is the second language of Cyprus, which most Cypriots speak as a result of Cyprus' status as a former British colony, and the fact that many Cypriots have studied abroad in the UK. 

Because of the widespread use of English, many expats in Cyprus make little or no effort to learn Greek and can get by without learning the language in depth. However, immersing yourself in Greek when you get to Cyprus will give you a much better understanding of the culture and the country, and will definitely make you feel more at home in the long run, especially if you are moving to Cyprus for work. Also, locals appreciate any attempt to learn their language, even basic phrases, and will try to help you out so you may learn more.

In the northern part of Cyprus, due to the unofficial Turkish influence, Turkish is widely spoken as well.

Basic Greek Phrases

  • Γειἀ σου/σας (Yia sou/sas) – Hello & goodbye – singular/plural
  • Ευχαριστὠ (Efharisto) - Thank you
  • Ναι (Ne) - Yes
  • Ὀχι (Ohee) - No
  • Ὀχι ευχαριστὠ (Ohee efharisto) - No, thank you
  • Παρακαλώ (Parakalo) – You're welcome/please at the end of an order
  • Πὀσο/πόσο κοστἰζει (Poso/poso kostizi) – How much/how much does it cost
  • Νερὀ (Nero) - Water
  • Τουαλἐτα (Toualeta) - Toilet
  • Λἰγο (Ligo) – A little

Language Schools in Nicosia

Once again, though learning the Greek language is not absolutely necessary for living in Nicosia or anywhere else in Cyprus, it will definitely ease your day-to-day life, help immerse you in the culture, and make for much better business communication if you educate yourself in Greek.

Many institutions offer Greek classes tailored towards expat families and their children, so you will most likely find yourself surrounded by language learners of a similar age and expat status depending on which course you choose (many schools offer different courses for expat students, expat adults, etc.).

Recommended Language Schools in Cyprus

  • The Papantoniou Institute: 30 Ippocratous Street, Nicosia. The Papantoniou Institute teaches both Modern Greek & Ancient Greek, with intensive courses in the former tailored for foreigners, and other courses in both languages tailored for University Entrance exams.
  • TotalCy Education: 26 Ioanni Polemi, Kat 1+2, Limassol. This highly recommended institution is located in Limassol, but it offers excellent Greek language lessons in addition to computer lessons to help improve business skills.

Private Greek Lessons in Cyprus

Some students benefit more from individual lessons, in which the teacher can pay closer attention to their progress and areas of weakness, and tailor a lesson plan that works best for them.

The best source for private Greek lessons in Cyprus is Learn4Good Larnaca, which offers great one on one lessons in addition to its beginner and intermediate group classes in Greek.

Language Exchange

In Cyprus it's also customary to talk to strangers, so people will talk to you anywhere you go.

An exchange partner is an excellent resource for practicing a new language with a native speaker. As an added bonus, language exchange partners can help you understand the culture of the area and inform you of local happenings. Questions about gift giving, festivals, nightlife, and greetings can be addressed without worry. In the best case scenarios, an exchange partner is not only your ambassador, but a friend.

You can find a great language partner through, which gives you the freedom to practice and speak the language whenever you can from the convenience of your computer.

Libraries in Cyprus

There is a public Cyprus Library run by the government, which includes a reference department and preservation and conservation centre in addition to the main public library building. In addition to loaning out books, the public library system offers educational seminars as well. There are some private, mostly university-run libraries throughout the island as well.

List of Nicosia Libraries

Cyprus Library – (Eleftherias Square, 1011 Nicosia). This is the public, nationally run library of Cyprus that has a large collections of books available for loan, as well as educations seminars.

Cyprus Library Reference Department – (46th Faneromenis St. 1011 Nicosia). The reference department of the publicly run Cyprus Library.

University of Cyprus Library – (75 Kallipoleos St. P.). Box 20537, Nicosia). A private library run by the University of Cyprus.

Update 18/03/2017


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