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To return to your home country, follow similar steps to "Before the Departure" and close down your household. The peculiarities of repatriating are explored in the article, "The Art and Science of Repatriation".

There are a few important things that should be settled before your departure:

Banking: Be sure to close all bank accounts and take out all remaining cash. You can exchange the cash at the exchange bureau or airport.

Social Security: If you have paid into social security, inform the National Social Security Agency to find out your rights and responsibilities. Also inform the National Revenue Agency to prepare for your taxes.

Telephone, TV, Internet: Be sure to cancel all contracts before you leave. Some companies have fees for cancellations, so try and plan your contracts around your leave date.

Selling Your Home: If you bought a house, it is important to put it on the market many months before your departure. You can work with an agent to make the process easier.

Leaving Your Rental: If you are renting, you should provide your landlord with at least one months' notice. Also disconnect your utilities at least 30 days beforehand.

Consulate: Contact your consulate to find out details about your countries recommended procedures on issues such as pensions and unemployment. It is recommended to hand in your residence permit at the local Police Department when permanently leaving the country. Refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for guidance.

Goods: Prepare your goods to go through customs by making a detailed inventory and be able to show your proof of residency. You can receive a full list of what items are prohibited in which country through the consulate.

Exporting Vehicles: Vehicles registered in Bulgaria may leave the country with Bulgarian license plates. Contact the local Embassy or Consulate for information on registration procedures and local regulations in the destination country.

Exporting Pets: If your pet doesn't have an EU Pet Passport, they will need to have one before they leave. Start preparing with shots and vaccinations at least 2 months before you leave.

Prepare for Your Arrival

Along with preparing to move from your previous location also comes preparation for your new location you are heading to next. Be sure to do research and find out information about your new city.

Check out our Easy Expat guides to plan for your next location.

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Update 6/06/2018


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