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The Sao Paulo Orphanage Help Program needs volunteers who are dedicated and willing to immerse themselves into sometimes difficult situations. You will be expected to have a love for children and be able and willing to give that love along with care, patience and understanding.

There are volunteer opportunities to be found at the American School of Sao Paulo.

The following programmes are run by the organisation “FastForward Volunteering”:

TERTIO MILLENNIO develops socio-educational activities directed at marginalized communities in large urban centres characterized by inequity, suffering injustice and violence. This population lives in abandonment, in high-risk situations, lacking education and basic public services, with no way of providing the following generation hope.

Programa Multiplica focuses on social and human development, aiming to improve targeted women and children’s quality of life through socio-educational activities. Their work provides a Pedagogic Orientation Program for day-care children (0-6 years old), a Teacher Competency Course, and for women, courses in Professional Competency accompanied by Income Generation Projects.

In 1992, the social program GOTAS DE FLOR COM AMOR started a volunteer program with kids who used to work the traffic lights in Sao Paulo. They believed these kids, whose lives had no hope and especially no self-esteem, could be rescued from the streets through a progressive educational therapy. In 1993, these activities were institutionalized and the program became an NGO aiming at educating children, teenagers and their families, people who are usually at-risk. In 1995, they received permission from the government to develop a handicrafts workshop in three weekly sessions, always with the help of volunteers. This institution works with children and teenagers from slums (5 - 18 years old). They have a centre where these kids stay part-time. The organization also develops activities in non-formal areas such as Art, Culture, Creativity, Human Values, Environment, Traditional and Alternative Health, etc.

Their contact details:

Avenida Angélica, 2.578 - Cj. 12, 1º andar
CEP 01228-200
São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Phone: +55.11. 3159.3602

The following websites will provide you with further ideas about volunteer work in Sao Paulo:

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