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Gas Services

When moving into a property with mains gas, you must contact the local gas company to have the gas switched on, the meter read and to sign a supply contract. As with electricity, you're billed monthly and bills include VAT.

In some areas of Andorra, gas bottles (bombones) are delivered to homes both by Vallgas (the main company responsible for distributing gas cylinders), whose service require a contract; or by a truck. Trucks pass by each neighbourhood at specific times and days and you just have to stop it to ask for a cylinder. In some petrol station you might be able to find a supply of cylinders too (they are only allowed to storage 5 cylinders). Some old properties require having a maintenance contract.


  • EDP Andorra
  • VallGas: They specialise in home gas deliveries in bottles and also wholesale distribution. They also coordinate installations and they are distributors in Andorra for the Totalgaz brand.


Gas consumption rates are composed of a fixed billing term, expressed in €/month, and a variable billing term per unit of energy, expressed in €/kWh.

The fixed billing term is usually between 4,28€ and 8,44€; and the variable term is 0,053€/kWh and 0,046€/kWh, respectively. The price difference depends if the annual consumption is less than or equal to 5,000 kWh. The conversion factor to obtain the consumed gas volume (m³) equivalence in kWh, it is indicated in the invoice. VAT is usually not included to these amounts.

Electricity Services

The electricity supply in most of Andorra is 230 volts with a frequency of 50 hertz (cycles). However, some areas still have a 110volt supply.

In Andorra the power sockets are of type F. You might have to buy transformers. They have to be capable of handling the wattage of the appliance otherwise it will overheat and you might ruin the appliance.

Electricity bills are sent out monthly, usually after electricity meters have been read. However, electricity companies are permitted to make an estimate of your consumption every second period without reading the meter.

Setting up a contract

For setting up a contract you need to bring the following documents to the closest local office:

  • Copy of NIE (número de identificación de extranjero),
  • Exact direction and ZIP where it needs to be installed,
  • Copy of Deeds or rental contract,
  • Universal Supply Point Code (Codi Universal de Punt de Suministrament (CUPS)),
  • Details for the direct debit and contact person,
  • In the case of second-hand properties an old electricity bill to show the contract number for the change of holder will be requested.
  • Electricity Bulletin, for homes in Andorra where the electricity is going to be discharged for the first time or that are more than 20 years old.

A technician will pass by the property between one to seven working days counting from the following day of the setting up. He/she will call the contact person to inform of the day and time to set up the meter, as somebody needs to be in the apartment.


Andorra is one of the cheapest countries in Europe when it comes to electricity expenses (according to the latest data from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union). Nowadays, electricity is about 0.133 kilowatts per hour (KWh), when the European average is 0.206 €/kWh. In Spain is about 0,219€/KWh and in France is 0,169€/KWh.

Nevertheless, be aware that setting up a contract might be very expensive depending on the potency hired. It might vary from 137€ for a 3,45kW power up to 350€ for 9,2kW.

Moreover, enlisting the electricity services in Andorra might have an extra cost to the consumer. This cost, which will be reflected in the first electricity bill, is broken down into the following rights:

  • Extension rights: 17.37€ / kW + VAT
  • Access rights: 19.70€ / kW + VAT
  • Engagement fees: 9.04€ + VAT

Some companies will not charge extension fees to those households in Andorra whose electricity supply has been reduced for less than 3 years.
Before signing any contract, make sure you get all the information and payment broken down, since every company might charge differently.


The following companies are the most common providers (see that most of their webpages are only available in Catalan/Spanish):

Water Services

Public water mains are administered and maintained by local authorities (each city "comú"/government).

However, in some parishes, a private company is responsible of water distribution.

While international fees recommend spending around 250L of water per person, Andorra la Vella consumes an average of 450L of water per person daily.


In order to raise awareness among the population of the saving need, since 2017 the water cubic meter is more expensive in some of the Andorran parishes, such as its capital, Andorra la Vella.

It increased from 0,26€ cents to 0,29€ per litre.

Update 4/10/2018


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