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TV and Radio service in Andorra

TV Licence doesn't exist in Andorra.

The standards for television reception in Andorra aren't the same as in some other countries. Due to the differences in transmission standards, television sets and video recorders operating on PAL systems won't function in Andorra. Andorra (along with France, Luxembourg and Monaco) uses the SECAM standard.

TV Channels

Andorra Televisió is the only national channel broadcasted in Andorra.

The rest of the grill is formed, in addition to Andorra Televisió, by 6 Catalan channels, 7 from Spain and 9 from France, 2 from Portugal, 1 from the United Kingdom and 1 from the United States.

Cable TV

If you wish to have access to a wider range of programs, you can subscribe to MOVISTAR+ monthly cable service. Most of the properties are already wired for cable service, but you can also set-up a connection when you subscribe for service as well. Average price is around 300€ a year.

Satellite TV

Among its competences, STA (Serveis de Telecomunicacions d'Andorra) also owns the dissemination of terrestrial digital television (TDT) throughout the country, consisting of a total of twenty-seven channels.

Internet and Wi-Fi in Andorra

Connecting to the Internet in Andorra is very easy. You will be able to find Internet connection via free Wi-Fi in all main squares of the most important urban centres. Likewise, you can also connect from libraries and some cafeteria or leisure establishments in the most important cities.

The maximum speed that you can reach in Andorra is 60Mbps (4G). However, offers for higher speed are dependent on the quality of the line, such as length of the wire, attenuation, and noise.


STA (Serveis de Telecomunicacions d'Andorra) is both the only telephone operator and Internet provider in Andorra, and none of the usual providers in Spain and France operate in the country (Movistar, Orange, Airtel, Ono ...). This may cause some incidence with your phone once you cross the Andorran border.

Update 4/10/2018


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