Medical education program manager in Usa

Medical education program manager

Miss Zakiya BAKKER

Telefon: 6095568740

31105 valley oak drive - Usa

Ort: Usa

Arbeitsbereich: Medizinische und Pflege-Tätigkeiten

Job suchen (kurze Beschreibung):
Successfully planned and managed programs that attracted over 50 surgeons from around the world, demonstrating strong organizational and leadership skills.
● Collaborated with the Sales team to drive

Bachelors, Biology Saint Peter's University – Jersey City, NJ, United States | 2016
Graduating GPA: 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
● Masters, Education Saint Peter's University – Jersey City, NJ, United States | 2019
● Master of Education | Graduated May 2020

Mouth you hue is English & intermediate level of Spanish

Lead the design and development of medical education programs across multiple divisions, including Spine, Orthopedic, Trauma, Imaging and Navigation, and Robotics.
● Develop tools and resources to support best practices in medical education and foster strong relationships with Key Opinion Leaders.
● Oversee the execution and success of medical education programs and activities, collaborating with diverse team members and departments.
● Assess the effectiveness of programs and events, including surveying for improvements and conducting competitive analysis.
● Manage budgets, track costs, and reconcile program budgets for all medical education programs, while adhering to company policies and relevant laws and regulations.
● Represent the company professionally and uphold high ethical standards in all interactions with employees, customers, suppliers, and other third parties.

Simulation Operations Specialist | University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia PA | April 2020 – Aug 2022
● Oversaw the day-to-day flow of all simulation events at Peter Muschal Elementary School, including event management and planning, resulting in successful and organized simulation events.
● Collaborated with faculty to plan and execute simulation events that aligned with student learning objectives, including setting up hospital settings, contributing to the effectiveness of the simulation program.
● Kept track of all inventory coming in and out of the simulation lab and troubleshooted any A/V or technological issues that arose, ensuring that the simulation lab was well-equipped and functional.
● Moderated event planning meetings with faculty and assisted with positioning and angling of cameras to ensure proper angles for recordings, contributing to the quality of recordings.
● Worked with IT to troubleshoot any technological issues that arose during high stakes testing and recording, ensuring that testing and recording were not disrupted.
● Ensured smooth operation of simulation events and resolved any issues that arose in a timely manner, contributing to the success of the simulation program.

Simulation Specialist | Drexel University – Philadelphia PA | Mar 2020 – April 2021
● Utilized technical expertise in hospital equipment and computer networking to provide technical support for simulation operations for students and faculty on Zoom and in person, resulting in successful and seamless simulation events.
● Collaborated with faculty to write out detailed event schedules and plan events on Zoom and in person, leading to well-organized and efficient simulation events.
● Ensured the smooth operation of simulation events by providing technical support and maintenance for computerized manikins, task trainers, and related multimedia peripherals, resulting in reliable and functional equipment during simulations.
● Worked with faculty to meet the needs of students and ensure their success in simulation-based learning, contributing to the overall success of the simulation program.
● Repaired and maintained simulation equipment as needed to ensure optimal performance, ensuring that equipment was in top condition for use in simulations.
● Provided reliable and effective technical support and assistance, contributing to the success of simulation events.

Practicum Student Teaching Experience | Peter Muschal Elementary School – Bordentown NJ | Jan 2018 – Dec 2019
● Formulated lesson plans, resulting in effective and engaging instruction for students.
● Assisted in behavior modification for students with IEP/504 plans, leading to improved behavior and a positive learning environment.
● Created and reinforced rules, helping to establish a clear and structured classroom setting.
● Delivered and facilitated learning, contributing to the successful education of students.
● Maintained communication with parents, fostering strong relationships and ensuring the involvement of families in their children's education.

Event Steward | Science Care – Philadelphia, PA | Feb 2017 – April 2018
● Prepared human specimens for lab, ensuring that they were properly handled and ready for use in training exercises.
● Assisted surgeons with training on new medical devices and procedures, contributing to the success of these training sessions.
● Traveled and set up for labs across the United States, using strong organizational and planning skills to ensure smooth and successful lab events.
● Assisted surgeons with training on new medical devices and procedures, providing valuable support and assistance during these sessions.
● Acted as a brand ambassador for the company, helping to promote the company and connect with potential clients through various events and activities.
● Traveled and assisted with events set up for labs across the United States, ensuring that all necessary preparations were made for successful lab events.
● Completed a variety of reports and forms post event, accurately documenting the details of the training activities and ensuring that all necessary information was recorded.

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Zakiya Bakker


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 Medizinische und Pflege-Tätigkeiten

Zakiya Bakker
Medical education program manager

Successfully planned and managed programs that attracted over 50 surgeons from around the world, (...)

Medizinische und Pflege-Tätigkeiten: Usa
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Medizinische und Pflege-Tätigkeiten: Usa
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