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Travel to Yantai, China!

Тема в разделе "Travel", создана пользователем ilovemusic861, 26 фев 2007.

  1. ilovemusic861

    ilovemusic861 New Member

    26 фев 2007
    Hey, guys. If you have never heard of Yantai, then that is not surprising because this city has not yet been discovered by mainstream travellers. But, for someone that has lived in China for 10 years, it came as a great surprise to find such a place in China that has been relatively unspoilt, retaining its clean beaches, clear waters, and rich historic culture.

    Yantai is located on the north east coast of Shandong, 1.5 hour flight from Shanghai and 1 hour from Beijing, Yantai looks out over the Yellow Sea towards Dalian to the north and Korea to the East. For those of you who are in Shanghai and Beijing, just the thought of escaping from the traffic, heat, pollution, mosquitos and all those other “lao-wai” should be more than enough to make the flight over here!

    Adventure by boat on the sea, excileration in the mountains, relaxing on the beach and indulging in the exciting nightlife - Yantai has it all within easy reach. Excellent wines are made here as well as some of the best seafood in China. And yantai-life is very cheap compared to the rest of China. Anyone planning to fly from Europe or America for a dream holiday or looking for a low budget experience should put Yantai on their destination list. :D
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