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✎ EN Student from Germany studying in Scotland: medical cover ?

Тема в разделе "Scotland", создана пользователем ppravier, 20 июл 2015.

  1. ppravier

    ppravier Active Member

    7 янв 2005
    Steinbach (Taunus)
    Французский (FR)
    Deutsch, English, Français

    My Daughter is going to study in Scotland for 4 years. She is French and currently lives in Germany with us and is currently insured by the Techniker Krankenkasse (one of the many social security institutes in Germany).
    She has already her European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from this institute.

    All seems well, except for two things:
    1. Techniker Krankenkasse only insures students if their domicile remains in Germany. As my daughter will reside in student residences in Scotland I am not sure that we can say that her domicile is still in Germany. The consequence of this is that they will stop to insure her and at some point in the future her EHIC card will expire.
    2. So in that case I guess she will be considered as resident in Scotland instead. The page of the university of Glasgow clearly says that she will need to register with a GP : http://www.gla.ac.uk/international/supp ... ginuk/nhs/ . Then she will become a NHS patient.

    Registering with the NHS only requires an ID (passport for example) and a proof of university registration.
    What I don't understand is what does the EHIC card has to do with anything then ? If she registers with the NHS will she not get a new card from the NHS and the German EHIC card will no longer be required anyway ?

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