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✪✪✪ ✎ EN Expat Meet-ups in Finland

Тема в разделе "Finland", создана пользователем texkourgan, 23 июл 2013.

  1. texkourgan

    texkourgan Moderator
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    29 янв 2008
    Американский (US)
    English, a little Deutsch
    Hello expats!

    One of the most difficult things about being an expat in Finland is making new friends. That is one reason why the forum and the EasyExpat site are so useful, but maybe you would like to meet new people in person. On this thread, we would like to encourage you to arrange a meet-up in Finland .

    An expat meet-up can be a big group gathering, a brunch, getting a coffee, a language exchange, or a sports activity. What do you like to do for fun? Are you looking for a group to join or want to organize a gathering in Finland ?

    We would be happy to help facilitate a meet-up, or support expats organizing a gathering using our social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & LinkedIn. Have something you would like to plan? Let us know here!

    Check out past gatherings like in Dubai, Milan, or in London

    We look forward to hearing about your meet-ups and expat connections. :D
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