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Тема в разделе "Immigration UK", создана пользователем sofia476, 29 май 2006.

  1. dubb

    dubb New Member

    29 окт 2009
    all you need to marie in morocco and visa to uk

    When one party is a Moroccan national and the other party is of a different nationality we will require the documents as specified bellow:

    For men:
    * Valid passport.
    * 4 photos.
    * Birth certificate.
    * Certificate of conversion to Islam.
    * Criminal records issued by the police in UK.
    * Divorce certificate if you have been married before.
    * Certificate of no impediment.
    * Proof of employment along with the last 3 months pay slips.
    * Certificate of capacity from British Consulate in Morocco.
    Criminal records from the Ministry of justice in Rabat
    Medical Certificate issued by a doctor in Morocco .

    For women
    * Valid passport.
    * 4 photos.
    * Birth certificate.
    * Criminal records obtained from the police in UK.
    * Divorce certificate if married before.
    * Certificate of no impediment.
    * Certificate of capacity obtained from the British Consulate in Morocco.
    * Criminal records issued by the Ministry of Justice in Morocco.
    * Medical certificate from a doctor in Morocco.
    (for a visa you need)

    British citizen provides:
    1 application form
    1 notarised copy of your passport
    1 notarised copy of your birth certificate OR your original birth certificate
    1 P60, unless you apply at the end of the fiscal year.
    6 consecutive payslips
    6 months bank statements
    6 months statements of any savings/bonds/ISAs you have
    1 copy of your land registry deed (homeowners) or 1 original copy of your tenancy agreement (tenants)
    (optional - 6 months utility bills/council tax bills)
    1 letter, detailing your relationship, how and where you met, your financial status, your future plans and aspirations and what you plan to have your wife do when she's in the UK.
    1 copy of all correspondence you have ever had with her, so a full printout of your MSN logs, phone bills showing SMS and telephone calls, Skype call logs, etc. My proof ran to 700 pages, double-sided.
    Money. About 4500RMB
    [/img] :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. joneeboy74

    joneeboy74 Well-Known Member

    17 май 2010
    Ирландский (IE)
    Why is it that so many British women seem to think that they can have a whirlwind marriage to a man from Morrocco after converting to Muslim, and then just whisk him into the UK? That is just far from the truth. They should first ask themselves why they cant just stay with their new husbands in Morrocco. THAT would be more normal! Unless of course, it was the intention of the Moroccan to find someone to get him into the UK, which is so often the case, but is now something the new UK government is determined to stamp out.I have not heard of any British men marrying Moroccan women!
    Some of the questions here are pathetic. Students with no income,people on benefits, others who have internet boyfriends you have not even met, or know nothing about.Forget about bringing somebody here, because if you can't house him and support him for at least a year, without any state assistance, it is never going to happen. That is of course, unless he is already wealthy enough, and can prove it, to adequately support himself and you.
    So if you don't fancy living in Morocco, you better think again, and that is a fact!
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