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Utilities, like most things in NYC, are more expensive than the rest of the company. Smart energy usage, size of your home, and how frequently you use each utility can make a vast difference in price. can help you discover ways to save.

Connect Utilities is a service that assists customers by consolidating the utility, home service and subscription scheduling process into a single website that allows you to shop, request, and schedule your electricity, gas, phone, cable, satellite, Internet, newspaper subscriptions and more. It takes just minutes to submit a service request on-line. For additional questions, call (866)298-1514. is a local service that allows users to save valuable time by arranging for utilities for you. Go to their website to sign-up. offers New York State's recommended utility providers. Find out who to use for your water, gas, electric, cable, etc. needs.


Gas costs are usually between $15-50 a month depending on the time of the year and size of the apartment. Con Edison is the largest provider of gas services. Base price is $14.34 per month. For every therm over 3 it is an additional 69 cents per therm.


Water charges are generally included in the rent, but ask the landlord to be sure. Water service is almost always determined by geographic location and what company serves the area. If you pay for water, it usually runs around $50.00 a month.

The New York City Water Board sets water and sewer rates for New York City and provides financing for those who have difficulty with their bills. For tips on how to save and to better understand your bills, go to

For information on saving water and drinking water, go to


Electric charges are usually between $40-100 a month depending on the time of the year and size of the apartment. Summers in New York can be incredibly stuffy and air conditioning rates can double your usual rate. Costs for electricity are about .20 cents per kwh for electricity. The primary provider is ConEd.

Energy Guide can help New York residents find low-cost energy suppliers as well as tips to saving energy and money!

Note that electricity is 110 volts in the US, (220 for certain devices) and requires American type 2-prong plug-ins.

Update 2/01/2009


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