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The following emergency numbers will assist you in case of an emergency in Spain.

Dial 112 or 999 (no area code needed) for free in an emergency. This will connect you with emergency services no matter where you are in Spain or if you have a Spanish SIM card.

  • Ambulance and health emergencies: Call 061 or 112
  • Fire brigade: Call 080 or 112
  • Local police: Call 092 – They cover local towns or city areas for traffic infractions and control, robberies or neighbourhood disputes
  • Civil Guard: 062 - Responsible for drug misdemeanours, car accidents, burglaries and murders
  • Spanish National police: 091 – Responsible for terrorism and national security
  • Maritime Sea Rescue: 900 202 202
  • Red cross (ambulance, emergencies and intoxications): 902 222 292 | 24/7 Helpline 900 100 333
  • Tourist helpline and emergency number: 902 102 112 (in English, French, German and Italian)
  • Road accidents and traffic jams: 001 or 060
  • Support for women and gender violence: 016 | 24-hour helpline 900 580 888 | Domestic violence: 900 100 009
  • Helplines and organisations:
    • Health and pharmacy information: 900 161 161
    • Anti-poison and drugs helpline: 915 620 420
    • Child and teenage abuse: Kids helpline 900 202 010 | adults and family 600 505 152 | missing children 116 000
    • Suicide, crisis and support line: 902 500 002
    • Drug addiction support: 900 161 515
    • Elderly helpline: 900 222 223

Safety in Madrid

Spain and its capital Madrid are generally safe and crimes targeting tourists are generally exceptional.

However, the number of tourists in Madrid, as in any other big city, attracts a lot of pickpockets on transport and around major tourist sights.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens. Here it's a list of the most common unsafe situations:

Pickpockets and Bag-snatchers

  • Robbery: Avoid lonely streets out of hours.
  • Violent Crime: Gun crime is almost non-existent in Spain. However, resistance to robberies might lead to violent behaviour that you may not have anticipated.
  • Rape/Homophobic Crime: Sexual and homophobic assaults or rapes are not a common problem in Spain. Nevertheless, it is recommended to avoid deserted areas at night when not being familiar with the area.
  • Terrorist Activity: The last major terrorist attack took place on March 11th, 2004 when synchronized bombings against Madrid train system killed 192 people and injured around 2,000. The attack was recognized by Al-Qaeda terrorist cell.  There are increased fears about terrorist attacks in Europe, but it remains an unlikely occurrence in your day-to-day life.
  • Car-Related Crime: It is suggested not to leave any bags or valuables in plain sight and lock them into the boot. It is also recommended to park the car in a supervised space and securely lock it.
  • Credit Card Scam: Unfortunately credit card scam also exists in Spain. It pays to keep the PIN safe and the card within eyesight when using it.

Update 8/06/2018

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