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Norway operates in the Scandinavian model, which means it has high taxes paired with high government spending. An efficient welfare system ensures that Norway maintains an extremely low rate of unemployment in Norway, normally about 2-3 percent. The National Insurance Scheme is the fund all people pay into that funds such safety nets an unemployment benefit.

Unemployment benefits (Dagpenger) are due if earned in Norway or any other EEA country. If claiming benefits from another country, the applicant must fill out a E301.

The unemployed may receive as much as 87.6% of their previous salaries for 500 days.

    To be eligible:
  • Must have worked for a certain period of time and earned a certain amount during the previous year or the three previous years (For 2010, workers must have had an income of at least 109,322 NOK the previous year or at least 218,643 NOK the last three years.)
  • Must be a genuine job seeker (i.e. not a student)
  • Physically able (not occupationally disabled)
  • Present employment must be reduced with at least 50%
  • Register as seeking employment with NAV

How to Claim Unemployment Benefits

The unemployed may register as a job seeker at the NAV office. Once registered as a job seeker, you will receive an employment status registration card (meldekort) by mail every two weeks. This card should be filled out and to NAV every two weeks until you get a job. This maintains your status as an active job seeker and NAV tracks of the number of job seekers. NAV also arranges AMO-kurs, or labour market training courses. Some courses are in basic Norwegian, but most require good language skills. If admitted to a course, unemployment benefit provides financial support.

Another option is trainee placement. This allows you to work full-time in a regular work place that has been approved by the employment office. Financial support.

The main NAV number is 22 72 88 00. More information about NAV and unemployment can be found at

Update 16/08/2010


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