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Cost of Living

Overall, the average consumer prices in Latvia are not significantly different from average prices in other European countries. In 2013, the monthly subsistence minimum for a basket of goods and services was around 255 EUR per person.

The capital of Riga tends to be more expensive than other towns and rural areas, in particular with regards to the prices of rent and services.

  • Groceries (on average): Bread costs 0.50 to 1 EUR, meat 5 to 6 EUR/kg, milk 0.80 EUR/liter, cheese 6 to 10 EUR/kg, potatoes 0.45/kg.
  • Eating Out: A meal in a cheap restaurant costs around 6-7 EUR, and around 20 EUR in a mid-range restaurant. A pint of local beer costs just below 2 EUR.
  • Leisure: A cinema ticket costs between 5 EUR and 7 EUR, a theatre ticket costs between 5 EUR and 20 EUR, and an opera ticket between 5 EUR and 30 EUR.
  • Utilities: The price of utilities is usually not included in the rent and depends on the size of the flat. Depending on the tariff, 100kwh of electricity cost between 11 and 15 EUR. A 100 Mbit/s internet connection costs 15 EUR per month.
  • Transportation & Gas: In Riga, a one-way public transport ticket costs around 1 EUR, a monthly ticket costs between 30 EUR and 50 EUR. A liter of 95 grade fuel costs around 1.20 EUR.

For more detailed information on the costs of living in Latvia consult Numbeo.

Prepare for your Housing Search in Riga

Despite a multitude of offers, finding a place to stay in Riga can be long process. Before you start your search there are several points you should consider:

  • Do you wish to make an advance trip to Latvia for househunting or initially move into a hostel or a short-term rental and take your time finding a permanent place?
  • Do you want to live in the city centre despite higher prices or would a place in one of the suburbs be more suitable?
  • What is your ideal size for the accommodation in terms of rooms and square meters?
  • Do you prefer living in a historic (pre-war) building, a Soviet era block house, or one of the new projects?
  • Do you wish to rent or buy?
  • If buying, do you prefer a newly renovated place or are you ready to buy cheaper and renovate it yourself?

Flatsharing in RIga

Flatsharing is most popular among students who are not able to afford a flat by themselves. There is no central website for finding free rooms in a shared flat, instead flatshares are usually the result of networking in the circle of friends and acquaintances.

Most commonly one of the flatmates signs the rental contract as the main tenant and then sublets rooms to the other flatmates.

Hostels in Riga

Riga offers a good selection of hostels both in terms of quality and price. Most hostels are conveniently located in the centre of the city.

Overall, Riga's hostels are a good temporary solution for accommodation. For example, while looking for a permanent place of residence. The prices of a bed in a dorm room start from 5 EUR, whereas private rooms cost from 10 EUR.

Update 26/08/2015


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