оценщик приложений google maps в швейцарии — работайте из дома

IT: программист, аналитик, и т.д. в Цюрих

оценщик приложений google maps в швейцарии — работайте из дома

Pactera EDGE ищет постоянных участников в Швейцарии для нашего нового проекта MILKY WAY!
В ходе этого проекта по оценке поисковых систем участники оценят качество ...

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Maps Apps Evaluator in Switzerland - Work From Home

Pactera EDGE is looking for long-term participants in #Switzerland for our new project, MILKY WAY!
During this Search Engine Evaluation project, participants will evaluate the quality of queries made by internet users while navigating through different MAP applications.
The entries to evaluate will be of varied nature, from user intent to authentication of data accuracy.

This project will help develop and optimize current and future map and geo-localization applications, to produce more accurate and intuitive maps in terms of location, search functions, and more.

Main requirements:
You are a native or fluent speaker of #German
You are currently based in #Switzerland, and you have been living here for at least 5 years. Our evaluators must be familiar with the local businesses, points of interest, colloquialisms, etc.
You are available for at least 20 hours per week – The schedule is totally flexible: you decide when and where to work!
You are willing to take our entry certifications to ensure you qualify for this project.

As an evaluator, you will work in a very international environment with members from all around the globe! You will have a steady and long-term income while working from the comfort of your home!

Interested? Join our Milky Way team today!

Simply go to our website, and do the following steps:
1. Create your OneForma Profile through this link: https://my.oneforma.com/Account/login
2. Go to the "Jobs" Tab
3. Click on the "Judging and Grading"
4. Click the View More button on “Milky Way - Maps Evaluation”
5. Another tab should open and will give you more information about the project. Once you’ve scrolled to the bottom of the page, you will see the Apply Now button.

For questions, please email - v_johanna.tabamo@pacteraedge.com

Компания: Pactera EDGE

Страна: в Цюрих

Тип работы: По контракту/ Временная

Johanna Mariz Tabamo


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Johanna Mariz Tabamo
Оценщик приложений Google Maps в Швейцарии — работайте из дома

Pactera EDGE ищет постоянных участников в Швейцарии для нашего (...)

IT: программист, аналитик, и т.д.: Цюрих
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