шведоязычный модератор контента в социальных сетях - берлин, германия

Маркетинг, СМИ, коммуникации в Берлин

шведоязычный модератор контента в социальных сетях - берлин, германия

От имени нашего клиента мы ищем шведскоязычного модератора контента социальных сетей для работы в их офисах в Берлине, Германия!

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Swedish speaking Social Media Content Moderator - Berlin, Germany

On behalf of our client, we are looking for a Swedish speaking Social Media Content Moderator to work in their offices in Berlin, Germany!

Interested in the role and want to find out more? Let us know! Speak with our experienced International Recruitment Consultants here on Facebook or send us your CV!

You can also check out our full list of International Career Opportunities here: https://www.spotonconnections.com/job-search/

Responsibilities –

Evaluate content based on our client's guidelines and policies
Reviewing user-made reports that flag offensive postings
Back office (non-voice) support
Ensuring a quality experience for all users according to our client's terms of service

Requirements –

Excellent Swedish & English language skills
High awareness of the cultural and political situation in the market/region you will be supporting
An open mind to changing priorities and business processes.
A desire to work in a team-based, fast-paced, international environment where you’ll need to embrace different cultures, nationalities and languages.
Ability to work in flexible shifts (24/7)
EU citizen or holder of a valid work permit for Germany

Benefits –

Very attractive salary package
Integration with an international team in a multicultural environment
Flat hierarchies and opportunities to grow and develop

To find out more about this great opportunity and many others, get in touch with the SpotOn Connections team. We have options for speakers of many languages across Europe with positions based in Athens, Thessaloniki, Limassol, Lisbon, Porto, Malta, and elsewhere. Find out more about our full list of roles here: https://www.spotonconnections.com/job-search/

We offer a 250 euro ‘refer a friend’ bonus for successfully placed candidates, so please send us any candidates that you feel might be suitable for this role. https://www.spotonconnections.com/refer-a-friend/

Компания: SpotOn Connections

Страна: в Берлин

Тип работы: Постоянная

SpotOn Connections


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SpotOn Connections
Шведоязычный модератор контента в социальных сетях - Берлин, Германия

От имени нашего клиента мы ищем шведскоязычного модератора (...)

Маркетинг, СМИ, коммуникации: Берлин
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