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набор консультант

О работе
В роли менеджера по работе с клиентами вы присоединитесь к команде по успеху партнеров и будете работать напрямую с Мариной (руководителем отдела по работе с партнерами).

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Recruitment consultant

About the Job
In your role as Account Manager, you will join the Partner Success team and work directly with Marina (Head of Partner Success).

Your mission: delivering the right candidates and growing relationships with our clients over time.

What You Will Do
- Work with our French-speaking clients on their international recruitments and ensure their satisfaction
- Be in contact with your clients to better understand their needs, reassure them and help them make the best choices
- Collaborate with various people on the recruitment team: Sales, Candidate Team (internal recruiters), Marketing, Operations
- Regularly exchange with your teammates to share your best practices and ideas – you will be an important source of proposals!
- Participate in a very strong (and international!) team dynamic that will stimulate you on a daily basis

And above all: You will enjoy and grow with us :)

Profil recherché
About You
This position is based in Paris, France. This means that you must be open to relocating as soon as it is possible. And as we are looking for long-term teammates, it would be great if you could stay after your internship :).

What You Bring
- You have a bilingual level in French and speak English fluently.
- You have a first experience working as a recruiter in Europe (agency or internal recruitment) and being in touch with Hiring Managers.
- You know how to to advise Hiring Managers during their recruitment process.
- You have several strategies to solve hiring problems.
- You know how to ask the right questions to get the information you need.
- You have outstanding listening skills.
- You have experience in C-Level communication.
- You are a reactive, dynamic, and resolutive personality.
- People like you because you always talk with a smile on your face.
- You have the talent to understand what the people around you need even though they don't say it (great emotional intelligence).
- You keep a good level of organization

Компания: MisterBilingue

Страна: в Париж

Тип работы: Практика

Зарплата: 0-18000€

Anna Stirme


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