Hotel Recptionist Or Office manager в Марокко

Hotel Recptionist Or Office manager


Телефон: 0680528266

Tizgui,tinghir,Morocco - Марокко

Страна: Марокко

Сектор: Туризм, гостиницы, путеводители

Поиск работы (краткое описание):
I am looking for a job in tourism industry like Hotel receptionist ,office manger,or travel agent.

 Manager of a group of 7 hostels in Marrakech, totalling 180 beds and with peak daily turnover of approximately €1,500 and annual turnover of approximately €180,000.
 Direct supervisor for 7 individual hostel managers and indirect for 14 floor staff, I reported directly to the owner of hostel group.
 Responsible for financial management: control of accounts; collecting and recording money intake, lodgement to bank and allocation of funds throughout business as required on daily basis.
 Liaising with company registered accountant.
 Dealing with client requests and problems which have been escalated above individual hostel managers. On call 24 hours to provide support to hostel staff in dealing with any issues that arise.
 Customer service: Establishing rapport and building a good relationship with customers who have had a problem.
 Assisting neighbours and police in instances of noise complaints.
 Interfacing with other hostels to ensure beds provided for guests in instances of overbooking in single hostel during busy seasons.
 Flexibility to work wherever needed; substituting for receptionist and other roles within the business in cases of emergency staff absences.
 Management of Hostelworld, Expedia and other online hospitality marketing platform accounts.
 Advertisement and marketing of new properties in the hostel chain, e.g. scheduling photographers to attend during parties organised for clients.
 Facilities management: organisation and scheduling of maintenance and repair of hostel electricity, plumbing systems and cleaning.
 Sourcing construction materials and labour for new hostel development and upgrades of existing hostels.
 Quality checking of service levels throughout hostels including hygiene and breakfast meal provision.
 Cost management and sourcing of low cost, high quality suppliers for cleaning and food products.
was responsible for check in and check out of guests, collection of money, phone operati general hostel management.
 Dealing with customer requests and issues.
 Ensuring a friendly atmosphere within the hostel.
 Playing music and organising events and entertainment for guests.
 Assisting guests with booking of tours outside Marrakech to the Sahara desert and attractions.
 Cooking or supervising provision of free breakfasts to up to 60 guests in 2.5 hours.



Cadi Ayyad University Marrakech 2013 - 2016
Degree Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English - 3- year full-time course.
Final result: 2.1
Thesis “Analysis of Youth Voice Local Community Association: Obstacles, Goals and Social Benefits for the town of Tinghir”.

What did you write about?

As part of Youth Voice, we organised and supervised classroom activities with teenage students to provide support with family and social issues.

Salaheddin Ayoubi High School, Tinghir 2012- 2013

Baccalaureate (Leaving Certificate Equivalent)

English (15/20),History (13/20), Philosophy (10/20), Arabic (6/20) Received award for first place in regional English spelling bee competition.


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Abdelalem Mohamed


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 Туризм, гостиницы, путеводители

Abdelalem Mohamed
Hotel Recptionist Or Office manager

I am looking for a job in tourism industry like Hotel receptionist ,office manger,or travel agent. (...)

Туризм, гостиницы, путеводители: Марокко
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