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Arsalan Shemirani
IT Manager

Focus on Networking technologies and Cloud Computing using various Cisco, Microsoft, Apple and Linux (...)

Informática: programador, analista, etc: Turquia
Yagmur Koru

As a dedicated and well learner driven person, I believe that I can make an impact in every role that I'm a (...)

Outros trabalhos: Turquia
Muhammad Azeem
Electrical Engineer or Project Engineer (EE/PE)

In the job search looking for Electrical Engineer or Project Engineer within Turkey. (...)

Outros trabalhos: Turquia
My dreams

I am a cook and pastry master. I have 7 years of work experience. I want to be in world cuisines. (...)

Catering (Bares, Chef, Empreg. de mesa): Turquia
Lara Bailey
Secondary Science Teacher, Communicator, Manager

I am looking to work in Istanbul. I am interested in the following sectors: Finance, Education, Advertising, (...)

Ensino, Puericultura: Turquia

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