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Starszy menedżer crm


Starszy menedżer CRM podlega szefowi działu retencji w zakresie działań CRM i wyników kampanii. Główną rolą Senior CRM Managera jest zapewnienie zespołowi CRM wi ...

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Senior CRM Manager


The Senior CRM Manager reports to the Head of Retention on CRM activities and campaign performances. The Senior CRM Manger’s main role to provide the CRM Team with support and expertise in the execution of all CRM automated cycles. A continuous understanding of industry best practice, marketing channels and data on player behavior is paramount to on-going CRM optimization.

The Senior CRM Manager is also tasked with delivering reports and overseeing the performance of each cycle, assuring all operations run successfully and are compliant at all times, while focusing on increasing conversion rates, the revenue per active consumer, increasing multi-channel visits, and the reduction of churn of valuable consumers.

Key responsibilities:

Develop CRM strategies for each cycle contemplating marketing communication channels, promotional logic structure & commercial approaches for top quality content.
Design and implement: the planning, testing, execution, monitoring and optimizing stages of each cycle.
Improve the Upsell and Cross-selling strategies.
Monitor the CRM channels performance in order to improve:
o Engagement (Delivery, Open rates, CTR).
o Retention figures (conversion, player activity rates, NGR and life-time value of players).
Plan and execute A/B tests within different cycles and segments.
Report on the CRM Automation cycles performance and the impact on the business retention figures.
Organize and schedule appointments for deliveries, maintenance and cleaners.
Coordinate and cooperate with the CRM Executive in building the marketing channels, offers and the journeys for each automated cycle (E-mails, Inbox messages, Push Notifications and SMS).

Candidates skills and experience:

At least 2 years of experience in CRM Automation in the I-gaming industry regarding to building campaigns and journeys.
Proven successful results from significant participation on a CRM project from its concept to its completion.
Experience in driving measurable revenue growth through retention strategies, optimizing conversion rates, channel delivery and player engagement.
Experience working in a highly competitive business environment, with great understanding and ability of adapting to new jurisdictions and market circumstances.
Deep analytical skills and understanding of data, offer management, and multi-channel marketing and the ability to perform player and campaign performance analyses and articulate the findings in intelligent reports that will be used in the formulation and revision of CRM strategies.
Communication skills both in written and verbal form, facilitating important and sensitive information between the CRM executives and Head of Retention but able to cooperate and communicate with other stake holders in other departments.
A good knowledge of Microsoft Office (especially Outlook, Excel and Word).
Marketing Tools/Channels such as Email marketing, SMS, Inbox messaging, Push Notifications, Landing pages, etc., in both tactical and executional levels (Sales Force, Send Grid, Extreme Push and Mobivate are a plus).
CRM software, (Optimove or related software’s are a plus).
Basic html knowledge (ability to create email dynamic blocs or coding skills are a plus).
Positive, can do attitude.

Firma: Spoton Connections

Lokalizacja: na Malta

Rodzaj Pracy: Stała

Wynagrodzenie: competitive

Umieszczone przez:
SpotOn Connections


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