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Expat Newsletter May 2021

Latest News in our Expat Network


You will find below all our latest expat news, articles, interviews, forum posts and classifieds.

This months we have published a series of articles on education: the fate of exams this year and the different choices made depending on countries. We wonder if the difficulties for universities to adapt and the hazy future of gap years will lead towards the end of an era for studying abroad. We also talk about the consequences of Brexit on tuition fees for young European wanting to study in the UK.

Other topics cover the pandemic in Middle East and give recommendations for US expats needing to file taxes.

Share your experience and participate to our blogger interviews

We are always pleased to read expats sharing their experience. That's why we publish regularly expat interviews. This month you can read about Jen, an American living in France.

If you are a blogger, feel free to register your blog on BlogExpat.com and drop us an email so we can arrange for an interview :-)

And don't forget to share advice and information on the forums.

Enjoy this newsletter, and of course, keep safe, respect the social distancing and wear masks when necessary.

PS: If you have a personal expat blog, don't forget to register in our worldwide directory of expat blogs.

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