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Expat Newsletter April 2021

Latest News in our Expat Network


Hopes are rising in many countries in the world with the majority of the population vaccinated in Israel and Middle East, but also now in the US, the UK and governments of several countries publishing their roadmap toward easing the lockdown measures and social distancing regulations. At the same time, we think about India and the surge in COVID cases and death in this country which desperatly need international help with hospital kits and oxygene. If you are an expat in India, or know relatives who live in India, come and tell us about the situation on our forum.

This months we have published articles explaining the consequences of the pandemic crisis on student exams, this year again, and the Vaccine Rollout for Expats. With the summer and holiday period in mind, you might relate this news with our previous article about Covid-19 vaccine passport. We have also explored other topics such as the 2021 World Happiness Report (life is not only about covid) and we'll continue to do so in our magazine next month.

Share your experience and participate to our blogger interviews

We are always pleased to read expats sharing their experience. That's why we publish regularly expat interviews. This month you can read about Jen, an American living in France.

If you are a blogger, feel free to register your blog on BlogExpat.com and drop us an email so we can arrange for an interview :-)

And don't forget to share advice and information on the forums.

Enjoy this newsletter, and of course, keep safe, respect the social distancing and wear masks when necessary.

PS: If you have a personal expat blog, don't forget to register in our worldwide directory of expat blogs.

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