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Expat Newsletter March 2021

Latest News in our Expat Network


The COVID situation is presenting various faces: some countries such as Israel, the middle east, the US or the UK have made great progress in vaccinating their population. On the other hand a lot of European Countries are trailing behind with not only less vaccine provisions but alos some difficulties in the organisation. Poorer countries are only receiving currently their first vaccines (provided by the WHO COVAX initiative to provide equitable access to vaccines). On the other hand, hopes to find an efficient drug to treat cases have been raised by recent announcements from Vir Vir Biotechnology and UK pharma company GSK that VIR-7831 reduces hospitalisation and risk of death in early treatment of adults with COVID-19 by 85%!

However, we are not there yet and even in the most advanced countries in term of vaccination, masks and distance are still highly recommended. As such, COVID will still dominate the world news for many months and international travel and expatriation is not ready to restart yet.

Wherever you are, our expat community is there to provide support and information. In our expat magazine you will find articles about the future for the travel industry, discussions about setting up a "covid" passport, but also articles about alternative education and the protests in Asia,

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Enjoy this newsletter, and of course, keep safe, respect the social distancing and wear masks when necessary.

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