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Expat Newsletter December 2020

Latest News in our Expat Network



After an incredibly difficult year, no doubt that Christmas will feel different. Fortunately, we have reasons to be optimistic.

Vaccines against the covid-19 are ready to be deployed (some countries have already started vaccinating) and the pandemic should be under control in 2021, hopefully by the summer, when most vulnerable people will have been vaccinated. In the meantime, we all need to remain vigilant, wear masks to refrain contamination and keep social distancing.

Before the end of the year, we would like to get your attention on three things for our community of expats.

Share your experience and participate to our blogger interviews

We are always pleased to read expats sharing their experience. That's why we publish regularly expat interviews. If you are a blogger, feel free to register your blog on BlogExpat.com and drop us an email so we can arrange for an interview :-)

Have a look at the recent interviews HERE (we share also on our social media).

And don't forget to share advice and information on the forums.

Become a Networker

We are currently looking for volunteer members who are able to post information and animate our communities. If you have some knowledge of expatriation, living abroad, and/or experience in moving overseas, your involvement would be greatly appreciated.

You will become Networker - with a dedicated sticker - and you will get the possibility to fill in a signature, which allows you to get a regular promotion of your activity through our forums: the more your post, the more visible it is.

If you are interested by a collaboration, feel free to contact us with a private message or directly in this thread.

Read our Book of Expat Stories

Since 2011, BlogExpat.com has been a public voice for many expat bloggers through regular interviews published on the website. We have selected some of the best stories and have published them in paperback, with every piece prefaced with a jokey illustration.

Read more about the book in our article: My life abroad: A selection of expat stories

Book: My Life AbroadMy life abroad – A selection of expat stories

252 pages – 60 illustrations
Paperback : USD22 - GBP18 - EUR19.50
Language: English
ISBN-13: 979-1093013060

Point of sale: Amazon [US] [UK] [FR] [IT] [ES] (click on links to select best location)


Our team of expats wish you a good Christmas and we look forward to seeing you again in good health for the new year!

And of course, keep safe, respect the social distancing and wear masks when necessary.


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PS: If you have a personal expat blog, don't forget to register in our worldwide directory of expat blogs.

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