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Expat Newsletter April 2020

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At least a third of the population in the world is currently under some sort of confinment and countries around the world are wondering when and how to ease coronavirus lockdowns.

European countries are diverging on their exit strategy: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Norway are easing some restrictions right now when others such as France and Spain are not planning anything before mid-May. The president of the USA, country with the world's highest infections and deaths, is issuing "recommendations" (not orders) for state governors to end shut-downs.

We have published a series of articles on our blogs regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Amongst them:

Share your experience: We need your help!

You are likely to have experiment of some sort of confinement. We would like you to share your experience with the community and tell us how you deal with the current crisis.

You could tell us about your current life and for example:

  • Have you thought about coming back to your country or have you decided to stay in you expat-country?
  • What sort of measures are in place in the country where you live? Is it a total lockdown? Partial? How is the population reacting?
  • What is your personal opinion on the way the pandemic is currently managed by the country?
  • Are you furloughed or do you work from home (and in that case, how do you manage)?
  • If you have children, how do you manage home-schooling?
  • How do you manage the relationship with your family in your home-country? Do you call them more often? And do you have more contacts with your friends? Have you put in place some video groups on social media?

PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK HERE TO PARTICIPATE: COVID-19: Tell us about your experience.

We greatly appreciate your participation and thank you in advance.

And of course, stay safe and avoid any travel for the meantime.


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All our team thank you for participating to the Community and we look forward to seeing you again soon on our sites for more dedicated content on expatriation.

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