Expat Newsletter: New offers from our partner for International Health Insurance: Advertorial information on expatriation

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Expat News

Expat Newsletter: New offers from our partner for International Health Insurance

Discover new international healthcare solutions from our partner APRIL International Care

Our partner APRIL International Care has updated its health coverage for people moving abroad and expatriates! The new offers are available on EasyExpat.com since this summer ? We're getting an overview below.



For going abroad on a long trip (up to 1 year), for a first job, a working holiday programme (WHP) or even a world tour: MINI or COMPLETE.
It covers your medical expenses from the 1st euro and offers a direct payment service for hospital charges.


MyHealth International

Insurance for expatriates of any nationality staying abroad for more than a year. 4 packages::
  • EMERGENCY: basic healthcare insurance to cover accidents and hospitals.
  • ESSENTIAL: basic cover + reasonable level of cover of the most common expenses.
  • COMFORT: high level of cover of your medical expenses in all situations.
International Healthcare
  • PREMIUM: all of your medical expenses, mostly with no upper limits.


Insurance solution designed for students and schoolchildren living abroad for up to a year for the purposes of travel, language training, au pair placements, internships or studies.

From 31 €/month


Expat Student

For studying abroad more than 1 year, it covers your healthcare costs from the 1st euro you spend with a very generous upper limit and a number of additional services.

From 54 €/month

International Healthcare

Choose APRIL International Care as your international health insurance provider!

EasyExpat.com works in partnership with APRIL International Care to provide specific expat insurance solutions to meet your healthcare needs abroad.

APRIL International’s insurance policies are designed for either short or long stays.

April International

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